Contest #1:Lorinda is having a ‘fess up to your oldest UFO contest. She beats me by 7 years but I still wanted to play so here it is......

I started this in 1990 while I was still living in NY. We moved back to FL in the beginning of 1991 and my knitting went on the back burner. I didnt really get back into it until the end of the 90s when I had my son (it's amazing how kids get your creative juices going). I've always liked this sweater, but its too small for me now. I *could* rip it out, but the back is complete and a lot of the front is done, plus I don't have enough yarn to make it bigger. So it will sit until somebody in my family will wear it or finish it.

Contest #2:Jane is having a flash your socks contest. I really have a piddly few to show but here they are anyway.

I had the rugrats modeling them, but blogger is being uncooperative so you only get the sock circle picture. Three of my socks were given as gifts and one made a trip to the frog pond so those are missing from the picture. They look so sad dont they? I need to be knitting more socks to keep them company!!

Oh and more info on the cascade.....I washed them today by throwing them in the washing machine and dryer. I was a bit worried abt them shrinking from the dryer but they were still slightly damp when the dryer went off and they were fine!


lorinda said…
Thanks for sharing, Lynn. I think what you have done looks good.

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