Decisions, decisions......

The IO had the sewing machine out so I thought I would do some sewing. I have a quilt to work on, some sleep pants to make, maybe even some flannel receiving blankets to put together. I also have a pattern for a needle holder that I want to make. Didn't do any of it.

Instead I started a snowman.

I started this last night and worked on it a lot today. I really want to get it done to hang up at work. I plan on adding a magnet to the back of it to attach to my workstation. It's worked on plastic canvas so all I have to do is cut it out when I'm done, but the plastic canvas doesn't give like regular fabric and my fingers hurt after working on this for a bit. Plus I can't go as fast. I'm abt 1/2 way done. I still need to add the mittens, the hat and some background.

To give my fingers a break, I also worked on this.

I'm happy I got some done on it. I still hope to have it done by the end of November.

Last but not least, here is my sock.

I'm really loving this yarn. It feels so nice while knitting with it. I worked on it a bit last night and may work on it some more tonight. However I hear the snowman calling so that might come out first.

I've actually done quite a bit these past two days. I've made myself relax after such a hectic month, and I've been able to get caught up on some shows I've taped along with some good progress on projects. Of course reality hits hard tomorrow, but such is life here at Happy Acres. Meanwhile I feel the need to build a snowman.


janna said…
I used to cross stitch a lot, and went out of my way to avoid plastic canvas. I really hated working with it! It's funny - my knitting choices really reflect the choices I used to make in cross stitch. I used to prefer stitching on linen over one, with just one or two strands of floss, and now I prefer little needles and fine yarn. Either way, I"m probably going to go blind!
Dee said…
Snowwoman is cute, but you're right about plastic canvas. I find it so hard to run the stitches under the back. YUCK!

But, she sure will be cute when she is finished.
Deborah said…
I did my first needlepoint project last month! I didn't realize how blind I was, boy was it hard seeing those little squares!
stitcherw said…
Your snowman is looking very cute, he'll be adorable as a magnet. I still need to do the backstitching on my Garfield on plastic canvas that I did while ago before I can turn him into a magnet.

Your sock is looking fun too, the bright colors are wonderful. Unfortunately I haven't touched my sock recently, I've been busy with a dozen other things it seems. However, I did get my book, and it looks pretty straight forward to follow. I have time off at Thanksgiving, so maybe I'll get some sock time in then.

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