Free at last!!!

They are gone!!! WOOHOO!! Yes I love my family, but its just been too soon since the last time they were out, plus they stayed LONGER this time. It was only an extra day, but it was 4 days too much. We are ALL so wiped out from the wknd. Of course we have stuff planned for next wknd AND a field trip for Baby Girl on Friday (they need both me and the Insane One since nobody volunteered. Its for an arts festival and the teacher's worried abt keeping the kids contained) so not alot of rest and relaxation in the coming future. Ok enough whining, let's get on to the good stuff!!

First, completed projects. Here is the square for Crazy Aunt Purl's grandma (see sidebar link). I used a 100% superwash wool. I was looking for a worsted weight but this was more of a dk/light worsted wool. The yarn is Juvel Idena. Not bad. I wouldn't use it again because living in FL makes this yarn a bit too heavy, but I could see how it would be nice up north. The leftovers will be used in CIC socks. I cast on 46sts on a size 6 needle and knit in a double moss pattern for 8". Finished square is 8x8. I started it on 10/14 and finished it off on the 16th.

Second, this is my square for Warm Up America. Acrylic was wanted in this project so I used up my Lionbrand Homespun. I cast on 28sts on a size 8 needle. K6 rows then Row 1:K5 P18 K5, Row 2:K across. Finished size is 8x8. I started on 10/17 and finished 10/20. Both squares could have been done sooner if I had more blocks of time, but they were a great mindless stitch and a nice break from regular knitting. Notice how much yarn I had left once the block was finished.

Next up are WIPs. This is what I've gotten done for #1 Son's vest.

The back ribbing is done and I'm about to start on the pattern. This is the part that concerns me. The pattern is not hard at all, but I knit mostly at night when my mind is pretty much shot. I'm going to try to work on this first before I pull anything else out. We dont have much of a *winter* here so I dont want to drag this out too long. My goal is to have it done no later than the end of November.

I really like the yarn I'm using for this vest. Its Uruguay DK Queensland Collection. I've never seen it before and I really like the way it feels and knits up. It's 70% merino, 20% alpaca and 10% silk. I was debating on whether I should use this yarn for #1 Son's vest (considering the last one I made him was a Sirdar acrylic), but then I remembered how often his other vest I made him was washed. Hardly at all! He only wears it to religious services and back. If we go out to eat afterward, I'll make him take it off. I just hope I have enough yarn......

And my WIPs would not be complete if I didnt include some socks. These will be for me.

As you can tell I have yet to cast on. The yarn is from Knit Picks, Sock Landscape in Mesa. It's a discontinued yarn, which I find surprising since I like the way it feels. I didnt cast on yet since I had to wind it into a ball from hanks. THANKFULLY this yarn unravelled and wound much better than the linen I just recently did. However I do wish I had a swift to use because I like the way a yarn cake looks compared to a yarn ball.

Everybody stay warm! We've got a cool front coming thru which means a low in the 40s and a high of only 68 tomorrow. I know, no sympathy, but for us Floridians, that's cold!!


stitcherw said…
Congrats on finishing the two squares. The yarn for your socks looks like it will make a fun, colorful pair. However, what is a swift? Also, what is a yarn cake? I know what a ball and a hank is, but a cake is beyond me.
Kristy said…
Hurray for squares! :)

Thank you so much for letting me know your square is coming. I look forward to receiving it.
Jane said…
I think most of the time, family is enjoyed best at a distance. But I can see you've been a busy knitter!
Diane said…
Your squares for charity look wonderful. And socks for CIC are always a blast to make.

Smart mom to keep son's vest away from food.

That Mesa is a beautiful color for sure. I thought I had 4 skeins of it so I made mitts to donate thinking I had some for socks for myself. WRONG! Bummer. Knitpicks has memories 100% merino but no Mesa.
wdhowellsr said…
I love the yarn!

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