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There was an article in today's newspaper on how to keep a blog alive and well, or Keep those Web logs crackling (their catchy title, not mine). It was a fascinating article on how to keep your blog interesting. Some come out blazing, but before long they are writing abt eating at McDonalds again for lunch or blogging that they don't have anything to blog about. Apparently these people don't knit. Or garden. Or quilt. Or cook. Or rate restaurants (I've been to blogs that rated restaurants I wanted to go to and found them quite helpful). Some days I don't have much to say, but if you look at my archives, I'm quite the chatty Cathy. And for those that know me IRL know I'm that way IRL too!! I also thought it was quite interesting to see an article abt something that is VERY hip and now in a venue that has been around for a LONG time...

Baby Girl has been sick these past couple of days so not much knitting has been happening (it's hard to knit when a sweaty hot child is laying all over you) but I was trying to get caught up on laundry during one of her naps when this happened...

I took this as a sign to just sit back and let everybody nap! I didnt sleep, just watched Pirates of the Carribean while Baby Girl and Samson napped (don't want them watching the scary parts anyway!).

However, some crafty SHOPPING has been happening. On Saturday I took the kids to JoAnn's (this was before Baby Girl was sick) to pick out some fabric for sleep pants. Of course on the way there I had to stop at KNIT!, a not-so-LYS that had some worsted weight superwash wool that I wanted to get to start Grandma Aunt Purl's square. I have no website to post since it doesn't have one and quite honestly, its not that big. Hardly ANY sock yarn (Cherry Tree Hill was it along with abt 5 balls of Cascade Fixation shoved in the back of a bin) and not that much really caught my eye. I will stick to Sip & Knit for my nice yarn needs. What's crazy is that I have a yarn shop less than 3 miles from my house, but its hardly ever open. Plus its not a shop to browse. It's a shop where you go in and tell her what you're looking for and she brings it to you. Sounds exclusive, but it's not. You can't browse because the shop is CRAMMED full of yarn and you cant walk thru it all. There is literally a space by the register (in the front of the store) and a small pathway to the back of the store that the owner uses to bring out yarn. She doesn't need the money so she shows up when she wants. However she is right off Main Street so she still gets alot of traffic. Plus I've seen people call their friends to tell them that she was open and to hurry up and get there. LOL Whatever. Anyway back to the square. I am abt 5" into it. Once its done I'll post a pic of it, hopefully in the next day or so.

And just when you think your blog entry is becoming too much of a snooze fest, (like telling you I had McDonald's for breakfast; sausage burrito and a free coffee with a coupon from their Monopoly game), you throw in one of these!

What would she blog about without me??

Why ME of course!! It's GOOOD to be retired!


stitcherw said…
Kitty pictures were adorable as usual, they do have the life don't they. Sorry to hear about baby girl, hope she's feeling better soon.
Deborah said…
awww, with your baby girl sick and my baby boy on crutches, I think we are entitled to some bonus time when the drama is over. Watching Johnny Depp sounds like a good start!

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