Look Familiar?

I did exactly this just last week!! This cartoon was in one of those local newspapers that they give away in stores and in banks. It's Maggie Mae (I think), and this edition was dedicated to Crafty Women. Not as much fiber arts as I would have liked, but there was a full page spread on my LYS.

And here is a picture of Too Pooped. It's from one of Charles Wysocki cat paintings. I love his work, and I think I have abt 2 or 3 of his cat calendars that I've bought thruout the years. Pretty much the same pictures, but that's ok with me.

I really like this cat, but working on him at night is hard. There are a lot of color changes and I'm working it on a hand dyed piece of linen (to get that Saturday Sky effect) which takes its toll on my eyes late at night. I won't be doing it for long and will probably rotate him out after another day or two. I have a snowman kit that I want to start now so that I can display it when its cold (for FL). It's the only way I can make a snowman here! We're still getting highs of 90, but the humidity isnt as bad and the breezes have been decent. Still hot but not melting hot.

And for all you sock knitters out there, check out Jane's Blog for a Show Your Socks contest. I will be posting a picture of mine soon. My limeade cascade socks (thanks Susie for the name!) are buried in the laundry and I need to find them before I can take a group sock picture. Plus I hope to be further along in #1 Son's sock so that I can include that one as well. All this while I have family visiting. People that don't know I blog. I'm going to have a fun time explaining my Saturday Sky picture! LOL


stitcherw said…
Loved the cartoon, and enjoyed seeing Too Pooped, I don't think I've seen you post your progress on him before.

Got your email on the sock book, and I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon. Sooooo in a couple of days when it gets here, maybe I'll actually get going on my sock again. :)

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