Mount Dora Sky

Since we have family visiting, we decided to hit the local sites. Here is a picture of my Saturday Sky overlooking Lake Dora.

While at the lake, there were NO ducks, but some of these......

Don't know their names but they are cute! However there were LOTS AND LOTS of these.

I was looking for dead carcasses but there weren't any. They were mostly doing this...

Guess they were just enjoying the day like we were.

No stitching of any kind has been happening. All I"ve been doing is dishes! Gotta love company......
Normal life (whatever that might be) will resume tomorrow night.


Dee said…
White ibis and turkey vulture. White ibis...pretty. Turkey vulture...not so much.

Kids....cute as always!
Jane said…
Nice photos!
Diane said…
Looks like a beautiful day was enjoyed by all. Love the way the kids shoot you that look like, "yup she's at it again with that stupid camera. i don't want to look cute anymore!"

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