Saturday Sky

It's Saturday again and after another hectic week (Baby Girl had her first field trip which included her first school bus ride ever. She was thrilled!), I'm HAPPY TO MOVE SLOW! The weather is beautiful so everybody else is outside while I'm inside. Works for me!!

Since it's Saturday, you know what that means.......

Gorgeous blue sky with wispy clouds and a temp of 69 at 11am. This is why I live here. We had a cool front come thru last night (we were 84 on Friday) so the temps are much more pleasant today. I had to run out this AM and when I came back I saw this.

Apparently we are starting to grow these in trees around here. However I got worried. The oak tree had to be thinned out for #1 Son to climb it. That means Edward Scissorhands (aka the Insane One) was loose! UH OH. He has a tendancy to get VERY heavy handed with the blade. What would I find? This.

PHEW! The cassia tree actually looks good!! Usually if its blooming and full, it gets whacked back to *grow better*. This time he actually made it look nice! He also cut back the ditch lilies (the semi-circle of leaves in front) which was fine because they were looking bad. Plus the knock out roses will now get a bit more light. Here is one close up.

These roses are VERY easy to grow. They were cut back at one point (big surprise there!) but they've come back well.
Now just in case you think all is well here at Happy Acres, there are those that don't do quite so well.....

This was actually thrown out by one of our new neighbors. I asked the IO to go over and get it since I wanted the pot. We stuck it on the side of the house and it rejuvinated! We had some lovely geraniums bloom. However once we moved it to the front of the house, it hasnt done as well. I say we move it back to the side of the house and ignore it again. It seems to do better that way!

It's funny. I love autumn, but for different reasons than the majority of the US. Most of the US is having beautiful, colorful trees. Autumn in Florida is more like Spring up north. We are finally getting out of oppressive weather (the heat) and all the flowers are in bloom. It redeems the summers.

Of course you've all figured out that when I go on and on abt the weather and show pictures of flowers and trees, not much is to be shown with knitting. I've been working on the vest (added abt 9 rows) and the sock (added abt 2 inches), but there have been some nights where I'm just too tired to work on anything. It's going to get worse too since the IO is starting a new job with the County which means that I will be taking both rugrats to (two different) school in the AM and then going directly to work. BUT I will be coming home earlier since Baby Girl is out of school at 11:30. We'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving wknd since I will be off from Wed-Sun. We keep it very low key here for the holiday so no food stressing for me! Plus I'm not one to shop that wknd either so it will be a NICE break in the action! Lots of knitting and movie watching here! Hope you all are having as pleasant a day!!


Dee said…
Your garden is beautiful! The boy tree is very interesting, not very fruitful though. All that tree and only ONE boy.
Susie said…
Oooh, I like that trimmed tree - and I love the light in your garden shots. Florida totally rocks :)

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