As usual the wknd was busy but I did get the chance to finish up a couple of projects. First one is this......

This was a FAST stitch!!! It took me 2 nights to stitch on it and I washed, pressed and inserted the project in the pillow form it came with. It's a Pine Mountain kit and boy does it make finishing off a project a breeze!! This will be for my SIL's wedding. She's getting married Jan. 4th, a THURSDAY. My SIL likes to buck the system any way she can so its not really surprising that she planned this for a Thursday. It will actually work out well since the wedding is Thursday out in the Keys (a destination wedding no less!), the family will have hotel rooms thru Sunday so we will have another family reunion of sorts and they will go off on their honeymoon. He doesnt get much vacation time so this will give them a long wknd. Plus he's of Korean decent and she asked for shoe sizes of the family so we will have some Asian customs as well as American. It will be a VERY interesting wedding and I can't wait to go!!

The other project will have to wait to be unveiled.

On to the next projects!! Since it is Socktoberfest, I cast on for another sock, this time for #1 Son.

This sock is going fast!! I cast on last night and I'm already on the heel! But then again it is a sock for a kid with a small cuff.

I wanted to start another sweater for this winter and thought I had the pattern with the yarn, but I cant find it. I need to keep looking...... and I also decided to pull out another cross stitch, Too Pooped. Since I finished that other cross stitch, it's motivated me to get some more done on this cat. I'll post updated pictures once I rotate it out for something else. Here is what it looks like for now. Hmmmm, I guess I dont have an updated picture of Too Pooped! I have one of Maggie and The Bag Ladies, but not of this one. Stay tuned for a picture of this one before I start working on it........


stitcherw said…
The pillow turned out very cute, I'm sure she'll love it. I really like the PM pillows since they are such a quick easy finish. The wedding does sound like it could be interesting, you'll have to tell us all about it, plus pictures. :)

You've made great progress on the sock. I made a sweater a couple of years ago. It was my first and only one, a cardigan style. Somehow my measurements were off and it turned out to long and a size or so to big. I don't wear it outside of the house, but I love to wear it inside in the winter. Because it is so large, it layers wonderfully and is so warm and cosy when it is cold out.

Looking forward to pictures of Too Pooped,
Deborah said…
That is lovely, your newlyweds will love it.

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