There's Always a Catch.......

The good news, I finished one of #1 Son's socks. The bad news, it's too small. Ugh. I measured against another sock of his that fits, but apparently it has more stretch in it than the cascade. It fits baby girl fine. You would be seeing a picture of it right here but Blogger has been a pain all day with posting pictures so you will have to wait until Blogger decides to behave. (I've been trying for the past 8 hours to post this picture, but blogger wont do it!)

However when I asked #1 Son if it was ok that I give her the sock, he said ok but immediately said, but now she'll have 2 pairs! Oy. Then when I asked Baby Girl if she wanted them and she said yes, but she still wants the socks that she picked out. Double oy! So I will finish off these socks for Baby Girl, start another pair for #1 Son and then make Baby Girl her other pair that she picked out. Guess my feet will have to wait a bit for any more socks for ME!


Dee said…
Such is the life of a mom. LOL

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