Monday, November 27, 2006

About Last Night

I do my best work at night.

They are finished and I am really happy with them! Here are the stats.....

Knit Picks Sock Landscape Mesa 100% Merino wool
Cast on 56 stitches on size 2dpns
Worked K1P1 ribbing for 6 rows then K3P1 rib for a total of 4.5" cuff
Stockinette foot
Sock #1: 10/23-11/19/06
Sock #2: 11/19-11/26/06

Now the next question is, what sock yarn to use next?? I've been progressively going down a needle size on each sock so may try my next pair on a size 1. I really want to try my Regia Bamboo yarn but its similar in colorway to the above sock and I need to do something different. I may have to do something in pink and purple.

Samson says:

Yes I am beautiful. You cannot look away, but you must. Bring me treats.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bet you thought I forgot!

It's Saturday! But where is my sky?? Right here!

And the temp at 12:45pm today.

Not a bad temp, but with the sky being cloudy and it being windy, it felt cooler than it actually was.

Health is on an upswing because basically I'm doing nothing. I think I did dishes today and oh yeah, I picked up a pizza, but that was the extent of it all. I've either been on the computer or on the bed watching tv. Whenever I get motivated to start something, I get overwhelmed by whatever project I want to start, so I sit in front of some kind of monitor and veg. You'd think I was getting lots of knitting done as well, but not really. I finally turned the heel on sock #2 and I'm on the foot. I swear I have dropped more stitches on these two socks than I have on anything else. EVER. Just tonight I was switching dpns and the one I grabbed out of my hand was the one with the live stitches on it, instead of the empty one. This is what I get for trying to watch The Producers while trying to knit.

One more day before back to reality. I'm hoping I finish the sock by tomorrow night before I go back to my crazy/busy schedule. But at least something will finally get done in the house. One can only live in squalor for so long, right?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble Gobble

Somewhere some turkey is saying thank you to us. You see, we buck the system here. We are non traditionalists. *WE* don't eat turkey today just because everybody else does. Not us. We had LASAGNA today instead! With meat sauce and sausage. Yummmmm.

So a turkey was spared.

Oh wait. We had turkey sandwiches for lunch today.

~Never mind~

In other news, much knitting is being accomplished. How I'm not making major mistakes while on cold meds is beyond me, but hey, I'm going with it. First up, the back of #1 Son's vest is complete.

I know, it looks like one big blob of knitted nothingness. I just cant seem to get a good picture of it. Maybe once I have it finished and being modeled by #1 Son. However, this part took me over a month to do. At this rate it will be done by March when it will no longer be cold enough for it.

I've also made some progress on my sock. One is complete and the other is almost at the point where I can start the heel.

And on a final note, what kids will do to get out of going to bed!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why is it?

Why is it that all my witty banter and creative blog ideas take place at all the wrong times?? Like while picking up the kids from school. Or doing laundry. Or laying in bed at night too tired to move. And yet when I do make it to the computer to put it all down, nothin'. Crickets play in the background. A blank page staring back at me. I blame it on the cold meds.

Yes cold meds. We are sick. AGAIN! This is getting crazy!! I have been sick more times this year than I have I think EVER! Baby Girl has had this cough on and off for abt a month. As soon as she gets better it comes back. But then again 1/2 her pre-K class has the same cough. #1 Son was sick on Sunday. So was the Insane One for that matter. He went to work on Monday but I kept the rest of us home. Tues was a short day and we are all now home the rest of the week. #1 Son and the IO are much better. Baby Girl still doesnt feel great, but with the holiday the soonest we can get to the Dr would be Monday. I may need to switch around the OTC meds. And me? I'm not dead yet, but I'm working on it. I blame it on the snow.

Yes SNOW! According to the weathermen in our fair city, we had snow flurries last night! I heard the rain and I knew it was cold, but never did I think SNOW! Ok itty bitty flakes fell from the sky and melted on impact so I'm not sure how many of you would call that snow, but for us here in Central Florida? That's a blizzard! I wish I would have known as it was happening because I would have LOVED to have shown the kids. Oh and the last time it snowed in Central Florida in November?? 1912. If this keeps up we'll be wearing parkas by Jan! What ever happened to global warming?!!? I blame it on the Insane One.

Yes the Insane One. He asked something of me that I thought he NEVER would ask. He wants me to knit him a pair of socks. Can you say jaw dropping into lap? I NEVER thought he'd want me to knit him anything. He's just not a sweater kind of guy. He's from NY so it has to be REALLY cold for him to wear anything resembling a sweater. But there I was, sitting on the bed working on my sock when he said it. He wants a pair of black socks with red toes. So once I finish my socks I will find some black and red yarn. All I can say is he'd better wear them.

The world's gone mad. It snowed in Orlando and the IO wants me to knit for him. What could be next?? I'm afraid to ask........

As you can see, we are ALL having trouble sleeping due to these strange events.....

Saturday, November 18, 2006

This is why everybody comes here.......

Yes we DO get rain, just not very much around this time of year. Here is the sky and temp at 8:30 this AM.

I had to put on sweatpants and socks this AM!! I know, no sympathy.

I took this picture from the front of the house instead of the back. Gotta mix up the blue!

Somebody else out enjoying the weather.

As I'm writing this, the rest of the family are watching a show called How It's Made. It's a cool show on the Science Channel that shows you how things are made. Today's show is about how mannequins, hypodermic needles and believe it or not, how socks are made! I keep hearing bits and pieces and boy are they bragging how fast a sock can be made on a machine vs a human! Well LA DI DA!! I may not be fast but my yarn is much nicer than plain vanilla white!!

Speaking of my socks, I am still on sock #1. I apparently dropped a stitch but didnt notice it until I was 7 rows past it. I'm a bit of a tight knitter so it never went anywhere, it just sort of stuck out. It took me awhile to figure out what happened, but once I did I realized I did it early on and needed to rip out all that I just did! BLECH. And then I had to rip back a couple more rows since I couldnt pick up all the stitches with my size 2 needle, they kept slipping down.....Pulled out the 000 needle, got them all back on and did a couple of rows just to get it all back to normal. And its not as if I'm doing anything fancy! Just stst on the foot.......I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have a completed sock done by then.

I hate visiting the frog pond unless its to see one of these guys......

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One Skein In.....

I've been working on #1 Son's vest and I just finished using the first skein. I was a bit worried that I didn't have enough yarn for this project, but that first skein lasted longer than I expected so I'm pretty sure I'm good to go. But I won't have much left over......

Also, in true Happy Acres style, we made a school project a group effort. #1 Son had a project for school, a cut out turkey that needed a disguise for Thanksgiving. You had to do more than color it in, BE CREATIVE we were told. #1 Son and the Insane One were brainstorming and came up with Bob the Builder. The IO made the safety goggles, #1 Son made the hat and the tools, Baby Girl made the tape measure and I made the clothes. Yes it's a bit more involved than a second grader would have done alone, but it sort of took on a life of its own. It may not exactly be what the teacher wanted, but we had fun as a family!! LOL

And last but not least, the IO has started a new job. He is now a Parks Inspector for the county. Oh and he has a patent pending. And did I mention that while at the music store today a guy from Nashville Star wants him to write country music songs for him to sing on the show?? These things only happen to the IO. Conversation here has either been abt electricity or "wouldn't that make the coolest country song?!?!" It's no wonder I'm aging so quickly......

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kool Aid Saturday Sky

Here we go......

I waited until I had some clouds to add to the picture or else I could have used a previous SS picture. We've been having some really nice Saturdays so no stormy clouds to show. And now the temp.....

Again, a bit redundant, but I'm not complaining!!

Today turned out to be really nice. I was expecting to have some cooking responsibilities, but it turned out they weren't needed so it was me and the kids at home all day. What a nice change of pace!! I cleaned yesterday so that wasn't looming over me and since all I really needed to do today was laundry, I decided to do this!!!

I used the instructions from
Knitty which seemed pretty easy to follow.

First I gave my yarn a quick bath

while I mixed up the Kool Aid.

I used two pkgs of Black Cherry and one Strawberry Tea. You're supposed to use 1 pkg per oz of yarn, but I figured this would do. The yarn is some wool I got off of eBay that I wanted to use for CIC knitting, but then I realized that cream isnt the best color for socks or a sweater that won't get washed that often. I also didnt unravel it from its original skein. I had read that the innerds wouldn't get as dark as the outerds, but since I was already bucking the system with the 3-instead-of-4 pkgs, I figured why not. I put it in the pot, filled it up with more water and put on the heat.

I decided to cover the pot while I moved the laundry around and when I got back it was boiling over!!

I quickly took it off the heat and let it sit to cool down. Notice how the dye has already soaked into the yarn!!! It sat for a couple of hours before I slowly added warm water then cool water so that I could squeeze out the excess moisture and let it sit outside to dry. You can see how the outside has darker spots while the inside is lighter.

Unfortunately the inside was NOT dry by the end of the day so I had to unravel the skein after all.

However since it was commercially wound in a skein instead of by hand, it ended up being much more variegated than I was expecting!!

Overall I am really happy with the turnout. Kool aid dyeing is very kid friendly (the kids were amazed at how the yarn just soaked in the color and the water ended up clear at the end) and very forgiving. I really took a lot of liberties while doing this and I think I did a pretty good job. It is wrapped around the back of my office chair with the fan on so it should be dry by morning. Then I will roll it into a ball. I was going to make a kid sweater with this yarn, but now I think I am going to make a pair of socks for me first, then I will make some kid socks with the left overs. I'm realizing I need to have something to show for my work and socks would be perfect!! Because we all know one can never have too many hand knit socks!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Snowman Lives in Florida

See, it IS possible to make a snowman in Florida!! So what if its in fiber instead of snow. When you live in a mild winter area, you take what you can get! Here he is.

Janlynn Wizzers kit
Date Start: 10/28/06 Date End: 11/5/06
Total Project time: abt a week.

He's really cute and I'm glad I made him, but it will be awhile before I do another project on plastic canvas. I just don't like it. I attached a small magnet to the back of him and he's now at work in my drawer. I did hang him up today, but it just felt too soon. I think I'll wait until after Thanksgiving to hang him up. He'll stay up until March when I'll have something springy to replace him with.

That small little project has gotten me motivated to continue stitching, but I may have to pull something from the stash. I want something small to work on instead of a huge cat project.

Now back to that vest and sock!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Listen to the quiet......

The Insane One took the rugrats to the park so I have some quiet time for myself. Update on the IO. Apparently he was misdiagnosed and the meds he was on were not needed. They caused some trouble which wound him up in the hospital. Once everything was settled and corrected, he felt better. In fact he is MUCH better. He hasnt been like this in a long time and it will take some getting used to! LOL

Meanwhile I still have a bad throat. Nothing else bothers me (no fever, no aches or pains), just my throat. I'm gargling and eating throat lozenges and taking tylenol. Fun stuff. However it is another gorgeous day here at Happy Acres and you know what day it is by the pictures posted!!

There are wispy clouds outside now but this morning at 9:30 there was just bright blue. Added an airplane with its wake (I know there is a better word for the white stuff coming out the back but cant think of it) and another one with my magnolia just to break up the blue.

I really need to clean this thermometer if I'm going to keep taking pictures of it!! However its still clean enough to see that it was 69 this AM.

It was 69 yesterday during the Fall Festival as well, but it was cloudy (no sun to warm us) and WINDY! They said to expect 20-30mph winds and they weren't kidding!! Even though we were cold (yes I know, but it was cold for us!) a fun time was had by all!

This was the first time Baby Girl was ever on a horse and she laughed the entire time!! If the line wasnt so long, we would have done it again.

#1 Son did REALLY well with the skills booths. He got all rings over the dolphins, and also the ball into the cup twice. That awarded him 2 prizes instead of the normal 1. It's those cheapy toys but you'd think they were gold with the excitement each toy received!! Add some sno-cones and cotton candy to the mix (apparently pizza was too *healthy* to eat!) and we had a nice time. We left when we ran out of tickets.

Now if you'll excuse me, I hear my stitching and knitting calling out to me. Pop in a movie and I'll be one happy girl!

Friday, November 03, 2006

A bullet would be faster.....

OMG what a week this has been!!

Monday-The IO starts his new job with the county. He loves it. This means, however, that I need to wake up a bit earlier to get the kids up and fed and make lunches made. Oh yeah and get ME ready as well because once the van leaves, it aint coming back! Drop #1 Son off, drop Baby Girl off, go to work. Leave to get Baby Girl and come back since I didnt finish everything in time. Go to lunch, run some errands, go pick up #1 Son. Go grocery shopping, come home, make dinner. By the time I actually sit down its 6:49pm, 12 hours from when I first woke up.

Tuesday-Start all over again, making sure Baby Girl has enough warm clothes on since she is going on a field trip to the local nursing home for a magic show.

Everything is going well until I get a call from the IO. His dr is putting him in the hospital. Oy. Pick up Baby Girl (who was late coming back from the nursing home and since this was a field trip I didnt go on, it just added to the worry), get her home and settled in with lunch, make a million phone calls until its time to p/u #1 Son. Tell him what's going on (how sad is it when your son doesnt really react when his dad is in the hospital. The IO's health has not been great the past 5 years so he's used to these announcements). Keep in mind this is only Day 2 of his new job. And I need to find somebody to drive me to pick up his van from the drs office.

Wednesday-Repeat the above for the AM, including bringing back Baby Girl to the office to finish up. I'm getting worried that I'm not going to be able to keep up with the new schedule. Add that to the worry of the IO and keeping the kids busy so they wont miss dad too much. One fun thing, #1 Son's front tooth came out so we are missing both teeth!! This makes me happy since Thursday is retakes for pictures.

Thursday-Drop off Baby Girl first since #1 Son has a field trip in Winter Park to see a marionette show with Pinocchio.

We are late and rush him off for retakes. Once I am there I start to relax. Its the first time the entire week I've done this. At this point, the IO is supposed to come home that night, I have arrangements for Baby Girl to be picked up from school, pictures are retaken and lunches are packed and ready to go for this field trip. Nobody sat next to me on the bus (these are private buses they rent for the field trips so they are nice!) They pop in Finding Nemo for the kids and I just sit back and relax. However if I had been thinking clearer, I would have brought my sock with me. SO much time could have been spent knitting on it. The field trip is fun, but its still work since I am in charge of 4 kids. It takes us over an hour to get home. I sign #1 Son out, drive home, pick up the babysitter, drive her home (which is on the opposite side of town from the hospital), drive to get the IO from the hospital and come home. It's after 5pm, I'm exhausted but I'm SO happy the IO is home.

As you can tell, the kids look great, and the mom looks old and tired. Just as it should be. (well I could do w/o the old and tired part, but no stressed-out kids is the important thing)

Friday-I wake up to a raging sore throat. Lovely. Get up and round the gang up. The IO goes to work today (I dont call him the Insane One for no reason!) and I go to work. What's nice is that I get everything done including stuff I normally dont have time for!! I guess I'm so worried that I wont be able to do this, I really kicked some accounting butt!! Picked up Baby Girl and now I'm documenting this week on my blog. I usually dont do that, my life is always crazy and I have another calendar that I note these things on, but I just felt the need to document this week. We still have the Fall Festival to go to at #1 Son's school this afternoon, but I already have the tickets for it and the kids have been looking forward to it so we are going. We should be back in time for the IO to be home. No extra money (not after this week!) so it looks like it will be breakfast for dinner. I actually like that, and I have a pound of bacon just crying out to be cooked up!! Eggs and pancakes and fruit to round it out. Then I drop. Can you blame me??