Monday, November 27, 2006

About Last Night

I do my best work at night.

They are finished and I am really happy with them! Here are the stats.....

Knit Picks Sock Landscape Mesa 100% Merino wool
Cast on 56 stitches on size 2dpns
Worked K1P1 ribbing for 6 rows then K3P1 rib for a total of 4.5" cuff
Stockinette foot
Sock #1: 10/23-11/19/06
Sock #2: 11/19-11/26/06

Now the next question is, what sock yarn to use next?? I've been progressively going down a needle size on each sock so may try my next pair on a size 1. I really want to try my Regia Bamboo yarn but its similar in colorway to the above sock and I need to do something different. I may have to do something in pink and purple.

Samson says:

Yes I am beautiful. You cannot look away, but you must. Bring me treats.


Dee said...

Your socks look very nice. Are they for you?

Samson is a cutie too. How could you not give him a treat??? LOL He is so persuasive.

Susie said...

Ooooooooooh!! Those are GORGEOUS! So is Samson :)

Jane said...

Lovely socks! And thst Samson is definitely a cutie.

Diane said...

ooooooooo lovely socks. Samson looks like he's saying, "Enough with the friggin camera already. Go open a can of tuna with those opoosable thumbs of yours."

Deborah said...

I also prefer knitting at night, my only obstacle is the condition known as "knitting while sleeping". All I know is that in the morning, I see a weird and strange array of stitches I have no recollection of having ever knitted.

Ana said...

Great pair of socks! They are soo symmetrical