Bet you thought I forgot!

It's Saturday! But where is my sky?? Right here!

And the temp at 12:45pm today.

Not a bad temp, but with the sky being cloudy and it being windy, it felt cooler than it actually was.

Health is on an upswing because basically I'm doing nothing. I think I did dishes today and oh yeah, I picked up a pizza, but that was the extent of it all. I've either been on the computer or on the bed watching tv. Whenever I get motivated to start something, I get overwhelmed by whatever project I want to start, so I sit in front of some kind of monitor and veg. You'd think I was getting lots of knitting done as well, but not really. I finally turned the heel on sock #2 and I'm on the foot. I swear I have dropped more stitches on these two socks than I have on anything else. EVER. Just tonight I was switching dpns and the one I grabbed out of my hand was the one with the live stitches on it, instead of the empty one. This is what I get for trying to watch The Producers while trying to knit.

One more day before back to reality. I'm hoping I finish the sock by tomorrow night before I go back to my crazy/busy schedule. But at least something will finally get done in the house. One can only live in squalor for so long, right?


Sandra Knapp said…
Lucky lady, with temps so warm. Although we have been enjoying some beautiful warm weather for up North as well. It's about to change. Over the next couple days it will begin to cool down. By the end of this coming week highs in the 30's again. But it is late November, right? LOL

Your daughter is a real beauty!
Dee said…
I've grabbed the wrong needle before. You never notice until it is TOO LATE! :-(

Glad you had a restful day.
Jane said…
It's been beautifully warm here, too. I'm not a fan of the cold, so I'm enjoying it a lot. I know it's going to get colder next week, and that's good too, because I want to wear some of my sweaters!
stitcherw said…
With that overcast picture you posted I'd have thought it would have been cooler than that. Glad you're taking it easy and feeling better, sometimes a little downtime really seems to help. It was nice here today as well, so I got most of my outdoors Christmas decorations out before the weather turns again.
Vivian said…
Send us some of that warm weather please! It's been freezing here in the bay area (I know, we are not entitled to complain about weather, but when we get up to 40 degrees outside temp, well, we are not use to that!)

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