A bullet would be faster.....

OMG what a week this has been!!

Monday-The IO starts his new job with the county. He loves it. This means, however, that I need to wake up a bit earlier to get the kids up and fed and make lunches made. Oh yeah and get ME ready as well because once the van leaves, it aint coming back! Drop #1 Son off, drop Baby Girl off, go to work. Leave to get Baby Girl and come back since I didnt finish everything in time. Go to lunch, run some errands, go pick up #1 Son. Go grocery shopping, come home, make dinner. By the time I actually sit down its 6:49pm, 12 hours from when I first woke up.

Tuesday-Start all over again, making sure Baby Girl has enough warm clothes on since she is going on a field trip to the local nursing home for a magic show.

Everything is going well until I get a call from the IO. His dr is putting him in the hospital. Oy. Pick up Baby Girl (who was late coming back from the nursing home and since this was a field trip I didnt go on, it just added to the worry), get her home and settled in with lunch, make a million phone calls until its time to p/u #1 Son. Tell him what's going on (how sad is it when your son doesnt really react when his dad is in the hospital. The IO's health has not been great the past 5 years so he's used to these announcements). Keep in mind this is only Day 2 of his new job. And I need to find somebody to drive me to pick up his van from the drs office.

Wednesday-Repeat the above for the AM, including bringing back Baby Girl to the office to finish up. I'm getting worried that I'm not going to be able to keep up with the new schedule. Add that to the worry of the IO and keeping the kids busy so they wont miss dad too much. One fun thing, #1 Son's front tooth came out so we are missing both teeth!! This makes me happy since Thursday is retakes for pictures.

Thursday-Drop off Baby Girl first since #1 Son has a field trip in Winter Park to see a marionette show with Pinocchio.

We are late and rush him off for retakes. Once I am there I start to relax. Its the first time the entire week I've done this. At this point, the IO is supposed to come home that night, I have arrangements for Baby Girl to be picked up from school, pictures are retaken and lunches are packed and ready to go for this field trip. Nobody sat next to me on the bus (these are private buses they rent for the field trips so they are nice!) They pop in Finding Nemo for the kids and I just sit back and relax. However if I had been thinking clearer, I would have brought my sock with me. SO much time could have been spent knitting on it. The field trip is fun, but its still work since I am in charge of 4 kids. It takes us over an hour to get home. I sign #1 Son out, drive home, pick up the babysitter, drive her home (which is on the opposite side of town from the hospital), drive to get the IO from the hospital and come home. It's after 5pm, I'm exhausted but I'm SO happy the IO is home.

As you can tell, the kids look great, and the mom looks old and tired. Just as it should be. (well I could do w/o the old and tired part, but no stressed-out kids is the important thing)

Friday-I wake up to a raging sore throat. Lovely. Get up and round the gang up. The IO goes to work today (I dont call him the Insane One for no reason!) and I go to work. What's nice is that I get everything done including stuff I normally dont have time for!! I guess I'm so worried that I wont be able to do this, I really kicked some accounting butt!! Picked up Baby Girl and now I'm documenting this week on my blog. I usually dont do that, my life is always crazy and I have another calendar that I note these things on, but I just felt the need to document this week. We still have the Fall Festival to go to at #1 Son's school this afternoon, but I already have the tickets for it and the kids have been looking forward to it so we are going. We should be back in time for the IO to be home. No extra money (not after this week!) so it looks like it will be breakfast for dinner. I actually like that, and I have a pound of bacon just crying out to be cooked up!! Eggs and pancakes and fruit to round it out. Then I drop. Can you blame me??


Melissa said…
I am tired just reading this. Hope you have a restful and relaxing weekend.
Dee said…
Hope IO is okay and that it is nothing serious.

Sounds like the kids had a good week though.
Susie said…
Lordy, what a week. I am so glad it's all OK with IO, and that the rest of you made it through the week OK as well.

Big hugs, my friend,

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