Gobble Gobble

Somewhere some turkey is saying thank you to us. You see, we buck the system here. We are non traditionalists. *WE* don't eat turkey today just because everybody else does. Not us. We had LASAGNA today instead! With meat sauce and sausage. Yummmmm.

So a turkey was spared.

Oh wait. We had turkey sandwiches for lunch today.

~Never mind~

In other news, much knitting is being accomplished. How I'm not making major mistakes while on cold meds is beyond me, but hey, I'm going with it. First up, the back of #1 Son's vest is complete.

I know, it looks like one big blob of knitted nothingness. I just cant seem to get a good picture of it. Maybe once I have it finished and being modeled by #1 Son. However, this part took me over a month to do. At this rate it will be done by March when it will no longer be cold enough for it.

I've also made some progress on my sock. One is complete and the other is almost at the point where I can start the heel.

And on a final note, what kids will do to get out of going to bed!


Deborah said…
Hope you had a fun day! I can see the pattern stiches in the vest, it's going to be really nice. I love the colors and the socks, yummy!
Life's a Stitch said…
Ah, you're training her right,

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