Now to find the time.


stitcherw said…
Ok I give, find the time to?????
Since I'm seeing KoolAid and yarn, color the yarn? Or, has it warmed up and you're going to make a pitcher of KoolAid and knit? Or, make the KoolAid for the kids and keep them busy so you can knit? Inquiring minds and all that :)
Dr. Purl said…
Oh girl, I so know what you mean! I have yarn here from Aug that I want to try to dye myself.
Susie said…
Oh, this is so much fun!! I did it with the bigger Small One a coupel years back, and have done nada with the small skeins we made. I did see them just the other day - perhaps a little project must be made. We didn't try any space-dyeing or anything, just wound off a few small skeins that we dyed individually. Kids love watching the yarn drink up all that KoolAid colory goodness.

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