Kool Aid Saturday Sky

Here we go......

I waited until I had some clouds to add to the picture or else I could have used a previous SS picture. We've been having some really nice Saturdays so no stormy clouds to show. And now the temp.....

Again, a bit redundant, but I'm not complaining!!

Today turned out to be really nice. I was expecting to have some cooking responsibilities, but it turned out they weren't needed so it was me and the kids at home all day. What a nice change of pace!! I cleaned yesterday so that wasn't looming over me and since all I really needed to do today was laundry, I decided to do this!!!

I used the instructions from
Knitty which seemed pretty easy to follow.

First I gave my yarn a quick bath

while I mixed up the Kool Aid.

I used two pkgs of Black Cherry and one Strawberry Tea. You're supposed to use 1 pkg per oz of yarn, but I figured this would do. The yarn is some wool I got off of eBay that I wanted to use for CIC knitting, but then I realized that cream isnt the best color for socks or a sweater that won't get washed that often. I also didnt unravel it from its original skein. I had read that the innerds wouldn't get as dark as the outerds, but since I was already bucking the system with the 3-instead-of-4 pkgs, I figured why not. I put it in the pot, filled it up with more water and put on the heat.

I decided to cover the pot while I moved the laundry around and when I got back it was boiling over!!

I quickly took it off the heat and let it sit to cool down. Notice how the dye has already soaked into the yarn!!! It sat for a couple of hours before I slowly added warm water then cool water so that I could squeeze out the excess moisture and let it sit outside to dry. You can see how the outside has darker spots while the inside is lighter.

Unfortunately the inside was NOT dry by the end of the day so I had to unravel the skein after all.

However since it was commercially wound in a skein instead of by hand, it ended up being much more variegated than I was expecting!!

Overall I am really happy with the turnout. Kool aid dyeing is very kid friendly (the kids were amazed at how the yarn just soaked in the color and the water ended up clear at the end) and very forgiving. I really took a lot of liberties while doing this and I think I did a pretty good job. It is wrapped around the back of my office chair with the fan on so it should be dry by morning. Then I will roll it into a ball. I was going to make a kid sweater with this yarn, but now I think I am going to make a pair of socks for me first, then I will make some kid socks with the left overs. I'm realizing I need to have something to show for my work and socks would be perfect!! Because we all know one can never have too many hand knit socks!!


stitcherw said…
Very pretty, I like the way the varigated coloring turned out. How color fast is dying with Kool Aid? Does it run at all when you wash it?
Dee said…
Very cool! You're right, you can NEVER have too many hand-knit socks! LOL
ambermoggie said…
looking good:)
amber in scotland
Vivian said…
So glad you decided to give this a try, isn't it fun? The varigated coloring looks lovely.

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