Listen to the quiet......

The Insane One took the rugrats to the park so I have some quiet time for myself. Update on the IO. Apparently he was misdiagnosed and the meds he was on were not needed. They caused some trouble which wound him up in the hospital. Once everything was settled and corrected, he felt better. In fact he is MUCH better. He hasnt been like this in a long time and it will take some getting used to! LOL

Meanwhile I still have a bad throat. Nothing else bothers me (no fever, no aches or pains), just my throat. I'm gargling and eating throat lozenges and taking tylenol. Fun stuff. However it is another gorgeous day here at Happy Acres and you know what day it is by the pictures posted!!

There are wispy clouds outside now but this morning at 9:30 there was just bright blue. Added an airplane with its wake (I know there is a better word for the white stuff coming out the back but cant think of it) and another one with my magnolia just to break up the blue.

I really need to clean this thermometer if I'm going to keep taking pictures of it!! However its still clean enough to see that it was 69 this AM.

It was 69 yesterday during the Fall Festival as well, but it was cloudy (no sun to warm us) and WINDY! They said to expect 20-30mph winds and they weren't kidding!! Even though we were cold (yes I know, but it was cold for us!) a fun time was had by all!

This was the first time Baby Girl was ever on a horse and she laughed the entire time!! If the line wasnt so long, we would have done it again.

#1 Son did REALLY well with the skills booths. He got all rings over the dolphins, and also the ball into the cup twice. That awarded him 2 prizes instead of the normal 1. It's those cheapy toys but you'd think they were gold with the excitement each toy received!! Add some sno-cones and cotton candy to the mix (apparently pizza was too *healthy* to eat!) and we had a nice time. We left when we ran out of tickets.

Now if you'll excuse me, I hear my stitching and knitting calling out to me. Pop in a movie and I'll be one happy girl!


Sandra Knapp said…
I think you are very deserved of that bit of silence and peace all to yourself. So sorry your week was such a hectic one. Glad everything is much better now.

Take care and enjoy your day :)
stitcherw said…
You needed some quiet time after the week you had. Glad IO is doing better, sounds like you had a great time at the Fall Festival.

So, what did you stitch/knit on? What movie did you pop in?

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