A Snowman Lives in Florida

See, it IS possible to make a snowman in Florida!! So what if its in fiber instead of snow. When you live in a mild winter area, you take what you can get! Here he is.

Janlynn Wizzers kit
Date Start: 10/28/06 Date End: 11/5/06
Total Project time: abt a week.

He's really cute and I'm glad I made him, but it will be awhile before I do another project on plastic canvas. I just don't like it. I attached a small magnet to the back of him and he's now at work in my drawer. I did hang him up today, but it just felt too soon. I think I'll wait until after Thanksgiving to hang him up. He'll stay up until March when I'll have something springy to replace him with.

That small little project has gotten me motivated to continue stitching, but I may have to pull something from the stash. I want something small to work on instead of a huge cat project.

Now back to that vest and sock!


stitcherw said…
He turned out adorable. I don't think it is to soon to put him up, here in MI it is cold and drizzly again. Work was being difficult again today and I just got a lovely new CD by Cherish The Ladies, it is their Christmas one (they are a celtic group). So....I had Christmas carols playing at work. The soft sounds and words certainly improved my mood, and I think the mood of a few others too.

What was your next small project that you decided to pull out and work on?
Jane said…
He really is cute. I'm not a fan of plastic canvas either, but that snowman looks like he was worth the trouble.
Dee said…
Bummer! I can't see the picture. All I get is a box with a red *X* in it. :-(

I'm sure he's cute though.
Dee said…
Now I can see him!

He IS adorable
Susie said…
Well done, and speedy!!! I love the colors in his cute little hat :)
Chiara said…
He is very cute!!!And to finish it with a magnet is a great idea :o)

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