Why is it?

Why is it that all my witty banter and creative blog ideas take place at all the wrong times?? Like while picking up the kids from school. Or doing laundry. Or laying in bed at night too tired to move. And yet when I do make it to the computer to put it all down, nothin'. Crickets play in the background. A blank page staring back at me. I blame it on the cold meds.

Yes cold meds. We are sick. AGAIN! This is getting crazy!! I have been sick more times this year than I have I think EVER! Baby Girl has had this cough on and off for abt a month. As soon as she gets better it comes back. But then again 1/2 her pre-K class has the same cough. #1 Son was sick on Sunday. So was the Insane One for that matter. He went to work on Monday but I kept the rest of us home. Tues was a short day and we are all now home the rest of the week. #1 Son and the IO are much better. Baby Girl still doesnt feel great, but with the holiday the soonest we can get to the Dr would be Monday. I may need to switch around the OTC meds. And me? I'm not dead yet, but I'm working on it. I blame it on the snow.

Yes SNOW! According to the weathermen in our fair city, we had snow flurries last night! I heard the rain and I knew it was cold, but never did I think SNOW! Ok itty bitty flakes fell from the sky and melted on impact so I'm not sure how many of you would call that snow, but for us here in Central Florida? That's a blizzard! I wish I would have known as it was happening because I would have LOVED to have shown the kids. Oh and the last time it snowed in Central Florida in November?? 1912. If this keeps up we'll be wearing parkas by Jan! What ever happened to global warming?!!? I blame it on the Insane One.

Yes the Insane One. He asked something of me that I thought he NEVER would ask. He wants me to knit him a pair of socks. Can you say jaw dropping into lap? I NEVER thought he'd want me to knit him anything. He's just not a sweater kind of guy. He's from NY so it has to be REALLY cold for him to wear anything resembling a sweater. But there I was, sitting on the bed working on my sock when he said it. He wants a pair of black socks with red toes. So once I finish my socks I will find some black and red yarn. All I can say is he'd better wear them.

The world's gone mad. It snowed in Orlando and the IO wants me to knit for him. What could be next?? I'm afraid to ask........

As you can see, we are ALL having trouble sleeping due to these strange events.....


Susie said…
Oooh, sending you healthy vibes, all of you...and what's with the SNOW? We're supposed to get that, not you...

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