Great News!

I don't have mono!! I just have a really bad infection. I can live with that!! I still have little energy and the meds aren't working as quickly as I'd like. If anything they make me feel worse since its doing a number on my digestive system. BUT I DON'T HAVE MONO and for that I'm thrilled! And the other good news, I'm losing weight from all this so hopefully I'll be quite svelte for my sil's wedding in Jan! LOL

Changing gears, remember how we had a REALLY cold day last week? It was only a high of 56 and with the wind chill it was in the 40s. Here is what my fashion plate decided to put together.

And not a stitch of pink can be found!

The same day of all that cold was the same day that #1 Son turned 8.

The photo's a bit blurry but I LOVE it so much since its a true smile, not his typical *canned* ones.

"Some" knitting has been happening. I've really done VERY little this wknd, I hate not even having energy to knit, BUT I did work on #1 Son's sock (I'm at the heel flap) and I also pulled out his vest and did 7 rows. WOOHOO!! I am SO not into either of these projects right now. I REALLY want to cast on for another pair of socks for me. Yes a bit selfish of me, but with the way I've been feeling, those socks are something that could really be used abt now. I'm wearing those brown ones a LOT, even took them out of the laundry pile to wear 2 nights ago (but at that point *I* really should have been in the laundry pile too). But I digress. I REALLY want that vest done, if for nothing else, I don't have to work on it anymore. It doesnt help that I think I messed up the front left side. Yes I will frog it back to do it over, I just HATE doing that.....

I don't care WHAT she works on, as long as she stays in bed and I can sleep next to her.


Dee said…
Glad you don't have mono!

Happy Birthday to #1 Son!

Your kitties are adorable.
Susie said…
Ooooh, can't BELIEVE I missed marking the Dude's day :( He looks more gorgeous than ever, and you're right. That's a great true smile shot.
Jane said…
I'm SO glad you don't have mono. At least with an infection, you'll get well a lot faster. Your kids are looking too cute, as always.
stitcherw said…
Great news that you don't have mono, hope with the meds you're feeling better soon.

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