The Hills are Alive

Can I tell you how much I love this movie? I swear I watch it every time it comes on TV. I have the DVD special edition of it as well, but its just not the same. I need to see it with the commercials to get the full effect of being 10 again and watching it with my family. This movie (and a pitcher of Mud Slides) has definitely made me feel better.

Busyness also makes one forget your troubles. Tomorrow my in laws are coming out. I wasnt expecting them so soon, but apparently my MIL's brother died and they will be flying back up for the funeral. We will take them to the airport, and then pick them back up when they fly back. Once they come back we will be heading down to the FLorida Keys for my SIL's wedding. This is going to be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it.

Here is a look at the sky today.

It was quite beautiful, but VERY humid!! Made the house sticky. This is why they invented a/c! Who wants to be sticky??

I also decided that I needed to switch projects for a bit. I have abt 20" of scarf done and needed a break from the yarn and needles. So I pulled out some floss. And Maggie. She needed to come out to play since I havent worked on her since JUNE! Yikes!! I didn't realize it's been that long! Here is the last time she was worked on, and I also think the last time I met the girls for an S&B. Far too long for my taste. Once I rotate her out, I will take another updated picture of her.

On a final note, I want to thank you all for your kind words. It's been rough, I find myself looking outside for Samson before I realize that I won't find him. However this is why I like to have more than one animal in the house. I can work thru my grief by smothering the other two! And OH they are SO happy this is the case!! LOL Samson was my model, but the other two shall have to share the limelight. On that note I present Caesar, the Old one. He will be 17 in Jan and as you can tell, he is trying to hide from the papparazzi. However the camera lens sees all! Even thru bushes and the shadows!!

Zoom the camera in and you will see this face!

Good Lord! She's gone completely mad!! Maybe if I just lay very still, she will go away......

Ok I now need to get said cat from the outdoors and cuddle him while I watch the rest of The Sound of Music. The Baroness just broke off the engagement and the Captain and Maria are professing their love for each other. The Mud Slides have worn off and I need some loving from a kitty.


stitcherw said…
I enjoy Sound of Music as well, and it's a great one to stitch to. Caesar looks very content, and I'm sure your various furbabies don't mind the extra cuddle time that you need right now. I know with my group any time is cuddle time (especially if they think there may be treats in it for them later). Take care, and cuddles and mudslides sound like a good way to take the edge off your loss for the moment. However, be careful stitching Maggie. While I'm very glad she's out again and can't wait to see a picture, stitching and mudslides don't always go together very well. That unpicking later when you see what you stitched while not being quite all the way there is a royal pain.
Anonymous said…
First I want to say how sorry I am to read about the loss of your beloved Samson. Being a cat lover myself, I know just how painful your decision was, and how loving too.

It looks like you are getting a bit of the chilly weather even in Florida. Maybe today you could make use of a scarf? haha

I had fun reading your "weirdness." We have something in common there too. I can't stand turtle neck blouses or sweaters either.

Have a good day :)

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