I Did it Again.

Well I finished #1 Son's sock Saturday night like I hoped. Had him try it on. It was tight. UGH! I stretched it out a bit on his foot and he said it felt better. I made him wear it for abt 1/2 hour to see how it would feel after he wore it for a bit. He said it felt great but when I looked at it, the back of the heel was UNDER his heel instead!

How it is possible that this is the 2nd pair of socks that I've tried to make for this kid and IT DOESN'T FIT!! I even measured his foot to make sure that it was long enough. The only thing I can figure is that I can't add negative ease to his socks. He has a VERY wide foot and I think he needs that extra bit to help with the stretch around his foot.

Here is what the sock looks like.

I tried it on Baby Girl and of course it fit her fine! I was going to make a matching one for her, but there are some things abt this sock I'm not happy with. The gusset was a bit wonky, but as long as it looked ok on, I wasnt going to worry abt it. Well the gusset looks fine, but there are ladders on both sides of the heel!! I'm gonna have to rip it all out.


So I'm not doing well with the vest and the sock isnt working. Now what? I cast on for The Red Scarf Project. Twice. I was NOT having a good knitting night. I finally got it right and got into a nice groove.

Apparently I don't do so well on things that HAVE to get done. I still want to get the vest done, but I need to take a break from it for a bit. And I will probably do another pair of socks before I do another pair for #1 Son.

And I think Maggie will be coming out to play.


Susie said…
WHAT a bummer!

Do you think you can get it on him again before you RIP to see how many rows to add next time? Another thought - maybe his foot area needs to be wider than the leg, like if the leg is 40 stitches the foot needs to be 48?

Wide feet - sigh.....
Diane said…
Wide footed kid socks are tough. My oldest grandson had "flintstone feet" when he was little so I've been in the same situation. You can either add extra length or add more stitches on the foot.You can just pick out the toe, frog back, and add a few more row.
stitcherw said…
I'm so sorry that you're having such trouble with the socks, hopefully the next one you start for him will be charmed and you won't have any difficulties. As to our weather, it is really weird lately, I can't remember a winter that has been this easy. We may not even have snow for Christmas. Hopefully we don't end up paying for it come January.
Stacy said…
Oh my goodness! I have the opposite trouble with hats for my kids - always too big.

Did you measure his foot while he was standing? I've discovered it makes a difference.

I finally got around to listing my six weird things, and caught up with reading your blog. Glad the IO didn't burn the house down. Whew! ;)

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