I Prefer the Socks

I finished #1 Son's front left vest panel today. Here is a picture of the blob of yarn.

It looks better when I lay it on me and stretch it out to see the shaping of it. However I REALLY think I made a mistake toward the top. I think I started shaping the neck where the shoulder should be and the shoulder where the neck should be. They are VERY similar so I think I'll be able to fudge it when I add the binding around it. I'm at a point that i'm really not enjoying it anymore. I just want it done. I cast on for the front right panel, did abt 4 rows and put it away. I just couldnt look at it anymore today.

Meanwhile I cast on for some socks.

Mindless vanilla socks again. I think abt adding a pattern, esp since I see such gorgeous socks out there with great looking patterns, but then I realize that I'm doing this for ME, not for others, so vanilla socks it is. I enjoy the mindlessness of it all, a big reason I'm knitting these days. These will also be for #1 Son. He's happy that I'm finally knitting him a pair of socks!! I even let him pick out the yarn from the stash.

Speaking of knitting for children, Baby Girl got her poncho caught in the chain of her bike. The IO was able to get it out after taking the bike apart, and thankfully there were no holes. Baby Girl was REALLY upset by it all, thought the poncho was ruined, but since its made from acrylic, I threw it in the wash and it looks great! Can't even tell if there are any grease stains due to the variegation of the yarn! Gotta love acrylic for kids!! Especially mine.


Susie said…
Yay on the poncho rescue!! I like that sock yarn - can't wait to see what the color variations look like as the sock grows.
Deborah said…
wash and wear, the only solution for kids...

please, don't talk about socks...
The blob looks lovely!!

I can't wait to get my holiday knitting done, so I can get back to socks!!! :o)
stitcherw said…
Glad the poncho was OK, and I love the color your using for your current socks.
Anonymous said…
I knit DH a sweater once, to keep him warm while working in the barn. He caught a stitch, freaked, took the sweater off and has never worn it agaain, too afraid he would destroy it. I keep telling him I could repair it, but the catch scared him. I give up! Glad you were able to rescue the poncho. Love the yarn for the new socks. Gorgeous colors. :)

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