NEVER Say Boring!

Ever since I said that a cloudless blue sky was B-O-R-I-N-G, we haven't had one! We've had rain and clouds or a blue sky with puffy clouds. I don't mind the puffy clouds, but the rain and humidity have got to go! Here is what we had today.

The only blue I could find breaking thru the clouds. Temps were around 72.

What was done on a Saturday such as this? Lots of cleaning! I tackled #1 Son's bedroom and the IO tackled the kitchen. This pretty much took the majority of our day! Finally got #1 Son's room complete, including moving things around so that he'd feel more comfortable in his room. He LOVES it and spent the rest of the afternoon playing in it.

As far as the kitchen, ugh. What a job! The IO took the stove apart to give it a thorough cleaning plus to check to make sure there was no damage. It's a good thing too since some of the wiring was damaged and live wire was exposed! YIKES!! I no longer have a front right burner, but that's ok, better safe than sorry. A new stove has been on my list for awhile so really there isn't much love lost. There isn't any extra money either so a new stove will have to wait on the back burner. (LOLOL yes, let's all have a collective groan!)

In knitting news, I've been plugging away on this same sock and it's taking forever! It feels like I'm making a sock for the IO instead of #1 Son! It's a sock for a kid! I should have BOTH of them done by now!! I'm hoping to at least finish sock #1 tonight and get a good start on sock #2 tomorrow. Updated pictures will follow.


stitcherw said…
I'm glad he checked the stove and found the wire, how scary. As to cleaning #1 son's room, it's funny how much kids seem to like it once it is clean, but how much they hate cleaning it. We had beautiful weather today, couldn't belive I was really in Michigan. BTW, I posted my 6 weird things and tagged 6 others, coming up with 6 weird things to write on was hard.

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