Saturday Sky

It's Saturday and in addition to taking it easy today, I did manage to look up.

Blech. It's been yucky all day. The front that is dumping a ton of snow over the midwest is making us cloudy and damp.

But at least we are still warm....

Our cold air won't come thru until Monday when we'll have a low of 49. Yes that is spring for some of you, but quite chilly for us natives.

I'm blaming the weather for my blahness today. Not really motivated for much. My huge list of shopping and movies was downgraded to just one place. JoAnn's. I didn't buy as much as expected. I got 3 scrapbooks to fix #1 Son's Kindergarten one (it fell apart from being worn out) and to make one for 1st grade. Considering we are almost 1/2 way thru 2nd grade, I figured this was a good idea. I also bought one for Baby Girl. I make very simple scrapbook pages. Nothing fancy, just some pictures put on some coordinating paper. It's more for them to look back on (which explains why the kindergarten one is worn out!) They have a Quilter's Workstation on sale 50% off which I REALLY want to get, but it's HEAVY. Since the majority of women that work there are 50+, I decided to go back tomorrow with the Insane One so that he can carry it out. Yarnwise, alot of stuff went in and out of my cart. I had some fisherman's wool in the cart, but used the 50% off coupon for something else. There was some wool yarn in the clearance bins, but it will be cheaper next wknd so I'm going to wait. There were also some really cute kits for making felted purses that I debated on, but it was still more than I wanted to spend. This does NOT mean that I walked out sans yarn. I found one lone Patons Wool in brown that will match the paprika perfectly!

I will either use it to make a kid's sweater for CIC or some socks. I'm also debating on using some other wool yarn I got off of eBay, knitting it up into kid socks and THEN dying them with Kool Aid. Not sure how that will work....

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get some play doh off of Baby Girl's eyes. Apparently it doesnt make a very good eye patch......


stitcherw said…
While it doesn't sound like you got much stash, it does sound like you had a good time looking. What does the Quilters Workstation do?

Hope you got the playdough off ok without any of it getting into her eye.

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