A VERY bad day.

Back in May I was told my Samson was in Chronic Kidney Failure. Basically his kidneys were not doing their job of cleaning out the toxins in his body. I did a lot of research, talked with the vet and the IO and we decided that since there wasn't much we could do to cure him, we would let him live his life until the quality was not there.

Unfortunately we have hit that mark.

He had a fat lip that under further inspection showed it was a bad infection. Without going into too much detail, the toxins in his body are starting to take over. The vet drew more blood, but he's basically preparing me for the worst.

I've debated abt posting this to my blog, but since I show so many pictures of him, I felt I'd be remissed if I didn't explain why he wasnt getting any more air time. I keep hoping for a miracle but when your cat doesn't want to eat, drink or even fight over computer desk space, you know you need to do the humane thing.

This sucks.


Jane said…
I'm so sorry for you and poor Samson. It's so difficult to see a beloved pet reach the end. I read somewhere that about 75% of cats succumb to kidney failure. I went through that with one of my cats, and know how sad it is. Lots of hugs for you and Samson.
Diane said…
Just because it's the right thing to do doesn't make it an easy decission to make. Nothing wrong with hoping for a miracle.
stitcherw said…
Lynn I'm so sorry. It is so rough knowing you're are going to lose a pet and having to make the decision when they are crossing the line on quality of life. They are one of the family and letting go is so hard, it leaves a real gap in your heart. {{{hugs}}}

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