I decided to take the vest outside today. Even though its overcast, I figured I could get some decent pictures of the dark yarn. Here are the two front panels.

I finished up the 2nd panel to where I need to start decreasing for the arm holes. Meanwhile I pull out panel #1 to look at where I made my error. See where the safety pin is holding those few stitches?

This is where I figure my mystake is. That should be on the inside, so basically I did the shaping for the neck where the armhole is and vice/versa. No biggie. I go over the directions for the ribbing when I notice that I made an even bigger error than I thought..... Go back to the picture I just showed you. Go ahead, I'll wait......

Do you see the tan yarn sticking out over the stitch counter and needle?? Apparently I need to rip back to THERE since I was following instructions for the WRONG SWEATER!!! ARGH!! I need to do different decreases for both the neck and the armholes. These will be at the same time so I really need to do them when I wont be interupted! HA!


Oh and I'm getting a bit worried on the yarn surplus (or lack of). Once these panels are fixed, I will be seaming the shoulders together, adding the ribbing to the front all the way around to the back of the neck and then ribbing for the arms to finish them off. Not much at all, but add one more ball of the same size of yarn shown, and you will see how much yarn I will be working with......

Mom, you don't look so good.


Jane said…
Too take your mind off it - tag, your it! (see my blog!)

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