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Yarn Stashing

This is why I never say I'm going on a yarn diet. It's pointless. Case in point...

My LYS Knit N Needle Nook (no links YET) has new owners. The original owner has been in this shop for 47 years. Her husband died last summer and her health is failing so she finally decided to sell. She's been in business for a long time and never believed in a sale so just imagine what the shop looked like.

No, worse.

Nope, worse than that!

This shop was SO bad (how bad was it), you literally couldn't have more than 2 customers in the shop at a time. The place was PACKED with yarn. Sounds nice, but it was EVERYWHERE and not in any kind of order. You couldnt browse. She would ask you what you were looking for and she would bring it out to you. If you didn't like it, she would bring out something different. Personally I like to browse around first, look and TOUCH all the pretty fibers dreaming of what I want to make. Then I will start pulling yarn off the shelves. But you…

Weekend Update

I took it easy today as well, did some things but mostly cross stitched with breaks of kitchen cleaning and laundry. Here are the progress pictures.....

Here is the felted needle roll.

The pattern said it would be wonky and to cut it square before sewing it, but I'm worried it will unravel. Maybe I'll try a corner to see what happens.

Next up is the sweater for CIC.

It looks like a tank top in this picture but those are actually sleeves. Other than abt 2 inches, the rest of what you see was done yesterday, a BIG amount for me to do in a day!

Finally is Too Pooped.

I planned on putting him away and pulling out Bag Ladies, but I can't find them so this one stayed out. Good thing too because I got quite a bit done. Not sure if I'll rotate it out or keep working on it. Only time will tell......

What a life!

Saturday Sky

Here's what it looked like today.....


I've been taking it easy today since I'm working on the same thing Baby Girl has. I've been healthy for almost a week, I was due......

Anyway I've been watching movies and knitting all day (in between laundry of course). I'm attempting to felt my needleroll, not going as well as I'd hoped. Once I get it to where I want it, I'll post pictures.

I also cast on for a new project last night. I started a sweater for CIC. They are looking for sweaters for the *older* kids, 6-16. I'm doing a size 10 sweater in orange and brown. It's moving along FAST, I'm almost to the arm holes.

I think I'm going to rotate out Too Pooped as well. I went to work on it today but it just isnt talking to me anymore. Pictures of both will be posted tomorrow since I can't get a good picture this late at night.

Right now this looks like a good idea.

A Busy Week

Where do I even start?? I've made 3 different trips to the doctor this week. Both kids were sick, #1 Son has allergy-induced asthma and Baby Girl has bronchitis. Fun fun fun. Thankfully they are both doing much better now that we adjusted their meds.

I also went to the dr. If you've been following the blog, I was really sick in Dec, got put on some major antibiotics and the day I ended my meds is the day I broke out into what I thought were hives. The dr put me on different meds to get rid of the hives (which didnt work) so when I went in, it turns out I don't have hives, I have erythema nodosum. It's a reaction from the meds I was on and even though they can be annoying and painful, they won't kill me.

Thank God for small favors. Blech.

Oh and did I mention that they can last for MONTHS?!?! Double blech.

I'm on Naproxin (Aleve) and it has made a difference. My joints don't hurt anymore and neither do the bumps. But they still look ugly. Thankfull…

Saturday Sky

I love the pinks in the clouds.

The princesses watching tv.....

What? I'm not doing anything.......

Little Pitter Patters

It's been a LONG time since we've had kittens and I've forgotten how much fun they are!! I've tried to take pictures of them playing but all I get are blurry pictures. So I have to rely on sleepy poses.

Don't you love my fu man chu whiskers?

Could I GET any cuter???

We've introduced them to the resident kitty, Samaria. She's not that impressed.

Let's move on to knitting. I've been working on my needleroll. This is one skein in...

This is abt 10" long which means I will end up with 30" total. It will be a bit smaller when felted, but that's ok. I can always use it for my dpns. I'm not totally thrilled with the yarn. So far there has been a knot in each skein, the 2nd one happening early in. It will be interesting to see if I run into another one. It's splitty and unravels more than I'd like, but I'm LOVING the colorway that I'm getting. I can see a really cool hat made out of this yarn......

And for those thos…

The Year of the Knit

Since we were traveling during the new year, I'm a little late in closing out 2006 and getting ready for 2007. I just recently changed my calendars on the wall and updating my 2007 engagement calendar. This is where I keep a list of dates that are important (like anniversaries), and also a list of all on going projects. While I'm transfering all my information to the new calendar, I like to look back at the previous year to see what I've accomplished project wise. Boy has there been lots of knitting!! I finished 17 knitted projects, 5 cross stitch projects and only 1 sewing project. No wonder the sewing machine looked kind of dusty......

I have 6 projects that are on going from 2006, knitwise there's my sweater (started 12/16/05) and #1 Son's vest (started 10/23/06). I have a feeling that sweater has reached UFO status. I pulled it out, worked abt 4 rows and put it back in the closet. I'm just not feeling the love. #1 Son's vest, however, has poten…

Disney Sky

Yes you read that right. DISNEY sky. Like we haven't traveled enough. Like I've even unpacked from our trip from the Keys.

What started as a day that was going to be just for me, turned into a day at Disney. I swear I should just turn this into a travel blog.

First up, Rainforest Cafe.

We had a LOT of fun here, plus got a discount for being Disney passholders. Food was great, service was great, and the kids had a blast when the special effects of the restaurant went into motion (click on the link-the restaurant is like a rainforest with *animals* that come to life and the occasional rainstorm).

When we left we saw these.

Made me feel like we were in Key West again. This guy would NOT pose for me, but I just love the colors in him.

Nest stop was Disney MGM. This was #1 Son's choice. Until the IO said "or do you want to get the kittens today?" Well #1 Son wanted the kittens and Baby Girl wanted BOTH. So we decided MGM today and kittens on Monday (when we were…

Key West

We are now approaching our final destination. If you've lasted this long, thank you. If you are longing for the travel drivel to be over, this will be the final installation of our trip to the islands.

Key West. What can I say? It was warm and beautiful and reminded me alot of Miami 30 years ago. We ended up going 2 days instead of the one originally planned. The first day was just the 4 of us so we did some touristy things. First up the southern most tip.

We found a parking spot right down the street from this area AND we got it for FREE!!! Somebody was pulling out when we were pulling in. Not an easy thing to do in the KW area.

Do you know there was a line you had to wait in to pose in front of this buoy?!! I can understand why, but when we first walked up, there were 20 people ahead of us!! That's just nuts.

Next up, the Butterfly Conservatory. We love butterflies. The Insane One wants to make a butterfly garden on the side of the house. When Epcot has the…

The Happy Couple

Introducing my sister-in-law J and her new husband M.

The rugrats (insert cute wedding picture here)

think its cool that everytime we go to a wedding, they end up with a new uncle! LOL

They had a VERY simple wedding. They both live in NY and have aLOT of friends. If they had a wedding up there it would have been HUGE. Plus J helped out planning tons of weddings and showers in the past 5 years. She decided that all the fanfare makes the bride and her close personal friends nuts and she didn't want that. So they went simple. They chose to get married in Key Largo so that it would be warm for her guests. They only had abt 50 or 60 at the wedding (VERY small considering her immediate family numbers over 20). She didnt walk down the aisle in the traditional sense. She walked toward the stage with M as we were finding our seats. She got her dress from J Crew and will be able to wear it again. She had no bouquet other than the three flowers in her hair. She did get some fl…