Best Laid Plans.....

The plan: Run to the mall to return something and then buy ONE item.

The reality:

JoAnn's wasn't even in the plan!!!! But I went to a different mall than the last time and as I was headed there I realized that there was a JoAnn's right on the way. I wanted to pop in to see if they had this particular fabric that the other one didn't have enough of. Well not only did they have the fabric but a bunch of other yarn as well!!!! The orange and brown is to add to the other 3 I have to make a size 10 kid's sweater . The red and grey (these colors weren't at my local Joann's) will be used for a size 4 kid's sweater . And the Patons SWS (the one with soy in it) was NEW!!! They've never carried that before! So I picked up one skein. As I was checking out I saw a free pattern for a felted needleroll. Suddenly 2 more of the SWS jumped into my basket!


I SO do not need to be spending money on more yarn, but this really is it. I've run out of room in my closet where I store the current projects...It's official. I have to start a yarn diet.

I also need to stay out of JoAnn's. It's getting too expensive.

AND this was all before I hit the mall! I bought 3 different outfits for the wedding and I'm not thrilled with any of them. The original dress that I love is too big on me now and hangs like a sack of potatoes. Yes I'm happy that I've lost weight (20lbs thank you very much! The upside of being sick for so long), but I'm not happy that I have nothing to wear that fits......

And I have yet to pack.


Dee said…
Is the SWS a worsted weight?

I'm trying to find someone around here that carries Paton's Kroy. I can find it JoAnn's online, but they don't carry it in the stores.
Susie said…
Wow! PREEEtty yarn, Lynn! WTG on the 20 pounds - I am back on the wagon again for a couple weeks now, but I won't be adding the Get Sick Diet to my tactics. That SWS colorway looks gorgeous - might have to mail order me some. But the Stash Busting 2007 makes a lot of sense, too...
stitcherw said…
The yarn is lovely, as to your not buying anymore, if you're like me that won't last very long, lol.

Sorry you had to lose the weight the way you did, the sick diet is the pits.
Diane said…
That sneaky SWS yarn .... you're just lucky only 2 more jumping in your basket.
Deborah said…
You lost what??? Girlfriend, getting better after being very sick means you do whatchu want to for a month! But losing 20 pounds means a new wardrobe - no bout a doubt it!

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