Disney Sky

Yes you read that right. DISNEY sky. Like we haven't traveled enough. Like I've even unpacked from our trip from the Keys.

What started as a day that was going to be just for me, turned into a day at Disney. I swear I should just turn this into a travel blog.

First up, Rainforest Cafe.

We had a LOT of fun here, plus got a discount for being Disney passholders. Food was great, service was great, and the kids had a blast when the special effects of the restaurant went into motion (click on the link-the restaurant is like a rainforest with *animals* that come to life and the occasional rainstorm).

When we left we saw these.

Made me feel like we were in Key West again. This guy would NOT pose for me, but I just love the colors in him.

Nest stop was Disney MGM. This was #1 Son's choice. Until the IO said "or do you want to get the kittens today?" Well #1 Son wanted the kittens and Baby Girl wanted BOTH. So we decided MGM today and kittens on Monday (when we were all home). MGM was a bust (don't even ask) so we left early to see if we could get to the Humane Society in the area. Never found it. Thank goodness we had fun at the Cafe or the entire day would have been a bust.

Here is the one good picture of the two of them at MGM. It's only because of Mickey.

However I did get a picture of the sky. You can see the rays coming thru the clouds, but its hard to see when you have to look thru the windshield, the cars and the electrical wires. Gotta love urban sprawl.

I have started a couple of projects and I'll post more abt them tomorrow. I need to get my legs up because my ankles have started swelling. Oh and I still have my hives from the meds that I was on back in Dec. The dr is starting me on a mix of meds and I see her in a week. We all agree on one thing. I had a reaction from the original meds I was on, but they wont go away due to stress that is my life. Fun fun fun. Is this what life is like at 40????


Susie said…
Rainforest Cafe is a blast. Mom and I took the kids when we last went to London, but it was a not-great time because of the mad lines that day...

Sorry bout the hives...has the doc been giving you a special antihistamine to knock them out, or what?
Deborah said…
Love that place! Food at disney is always recognizable and predictably good! Wish I was there!

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