The Happy Couple

Introducing my sister-in-law J and her new husband M.

The rugrats (insert cute wedding picture here)

think its cool that everytime we go to a wedding, they end up with a new uncle! LOL

They had a VERY simple wedding. They both live in NY and have aLOT of friends. If they had a wedding up there it would have been HUGE. Plus J helped out planning tons of weddings and showers in the past 5 years. She decided that all the fanfare makes the bride and her close personal friends nuts and she didn't want that. So they went simple. They chose to get married in Key Largo so that it would be warm for her guests. They only had abt 50 or 60 at the wedding (VERY small considering her immediate family numbers over 20). She didnt walk down the aisle in the traditional sense. She walked toward the stage with M as we were finding our seats. She got her dress from J Crew and will be able to wear it again. She had no bouquet other than the three flowers in her hair. She did get some flashy batik shoes and had a matching handbag. Since M is Korean and she can speak *some* Korean, they decided to have the wedding talk in English but the vows (including the REPEATING of) in Korean. Very cool. She did a fantastic job too.

Afterward as we were heading out to the restaurant for the reception, they were handing out tote bags that had flip flops in them (for those of us wearing horrible shoes and wanted to change), snacks so that we weren't starving to death, some Key Largo souvenirs and some Florida Keys information that we could use during the next couple of days.

Then we all drove to here:

Pierre's in Islamorada. What a great place!! Once we got there we had great views to take pictures (and perfect excuses to use the flip flops in our bags). I took a ton of pictures here but I won't bore you with the family faces. I will show you this one, this is the back of the restaurant facing the beach. It was SO beautiful!

And so was the sunset.

The food was amazing!! I tried taking pictures but it was too dark to get any decent shots. Ok in reality I thought of it AFTER it was half devoured and not pretty to look at anymore. I'm not a big seafood lover so nothing I got had seafood in it, but it didnt limit me to my choice in food. It WAS a bit fancy in flavors which made it difficult to make the kids happy. The salads with their balsamic dressings and different greens weren't impressive (but OH SO yummy to the grownups) and the fancy cheeses included in the fruit and cheese platter weren't much to be desired (unless you called the pears *apples* and broke up the crackers so they couldnt see the green things baked in them, the whole thing would have been a bust). The cornish hen and filet minon were *chicken* and steak. As you can tell there were no kids meals but there WAS plenty of bread to help in between courses. Dessert was a chocolate souffle (there were 3 others but once I saw chocolate, I was sold!). The kids were happy and full and so were the grown ups. There was no wedding cake (again, very non traditional) or dancing, but with dessert like what we got, nobody really noticed. And instead of a guest book that you sign when you first walk in, they took pictures of us with a polaroid, stuck them in a book (it was the fancy polaroid camera where the pictures are the size of a large postage stamp), and then had us sign by our picture. They had one book for the kids and one book for the adults.

All in all we had a wonderful time. It was VERY non-traditional, but my sil is a very non traditional girl. It was simple and elegant and everybody had a great time.

Which is the whole point when you get down to it, right?

They weren't the only happy couple married on a Jan 4th. 21 years to the day 2 other people were married in Miami.

And here they are 21 years later.....

My have we aged..........

Tune in tomorrow for the final installment of our Adventures in Key West.


Dee said…
You haven't aged at all! You and DH look great!

I see where #1 son gets his looks. He looks like his daddy. LOL
Susie said…
They looked lovely, and HAPPY! How incredibly nice to see YOUR wedding shots cutie pies!
Jane said…
Lovely photos, and it's great to see you and your husband. I'm really looking forward to the Key West post!
stitcherw said…
Rugrats looked great in the wedding finery. I really like the way they did the wedding, especially the tote bag of items to help you enjoy your stay (especially the flipflops). Happy Anniversay, your picture turned out great too. Hope the new bride and groom have as good of luck as you have, 21 years is a real achievement.
Diane said…
Aged?!?! I don't think so. How did you get the kids, dressed well and standing to get their pic taken all at the same time?

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