Little Pitter Patters

It's been a LONG time since we've had kittens and I've forgotten how much fun they are!! I've tried to take pictures of them playing but all I get are blurry pictures. So I have to rely on sleepy poses.

Don't you love my fu man chu whiskers?

Could I GET any cuter???

We've introduced them to the resident kitty, Samaria. She's not that impressed.

Let's move on to knitting. I've been working on my needleroll. This is one skein in...

This is abt 10" long which means I will end up with 30" total. It will be a bit smaller when felted, but that's ok. I can always use it for my dpns. I'm not totally thrilled with the yarn. So far there has been a knot in each skein, the 2nd one happening early in. It will be interesting to see if I run into another one. It's splitty and unravels more than I'd like, but I'm LOVING the colorway that I'm getting. I can see a really cool hat made out of this yarn......

And for those those who are getting lots of ice and snow, here are some pretty flowers from around the yard. These are some black eyed susans that never died off. We had a perimeter of flowers around the tree at one time

and everything else but these guys have died off. The IO wants to cut them down again, but even though they are in a weird area, they make me smile.

The backyard is a MESS! We have more sand and pricklers than grass. We used to have 2 birdfeeders on the swing and they've left behind some goodies.....

SUNFLOWERS!! All those green plants are sunflowers!! And apparently we have at least two different kinds growing.....

The IO wants to cut THESE down as well (never mind abt all the pricklers in the yard), but I've convinced him otherwise. He does want to take a section of the backyard and make it full of sunflowers. I'd like that, as long as he doesnt cut back the ones that are growing for now. Edwards Scissorhands is apparently itching to come out!!!


Jane said…
Oh, the kittens are cute! And I really like your flower pictures, too.
Susie said…
Kittens, doesn't GET much better! We've had crazy winds today from this giant storm all over Europe, but there are already a few insane DAFFODILS coming up in the neighborhood. They're supposed to come up in March. MARCH!
Oh, the kitties are sooooooo cute!! :o) How fun to have the energy of kittens around!!

Your sunflowers are so pretty!

LOL! I loved your *spa* comment about my sewing machine on my blog. That gave me a good chuckle! :oD
stitcherw said…
The kittens are adorable. The sunflowers look so bright and cheery, I get these under where I have bird feeders as well.

The knitting looks great, it will be fun to see how the felted roll looks when done. I think I've seen what you are making at different craft shows, and they looked really neat.
stitcherw said…
Thanks for telling me how to make the link for my 2006 finishes in my sidebar. It took me a bit to get it positioned the way I wanted, but I was able to get the link to work perfectly.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad I decided to stop in for a visit this evening. So much has been going on! Key West, a wedding, new sock yarn, Disney, beautiful butterflies, flowers and even two new kittens. I feel as though I've been away for months!!

You know, I have bird feeders on posts in one of my flower beds, and you are right, a lot of pricklys come from them in the spring. I try to catch them as soon as I see them. I certainly don't want them going to see too! haha

Thank you so much for sharing it all. Love the pictures of your beautiful children, and how about that one of you and DH on your wedding day? Gorgeous! Belated Happy Anniversary!

Keep well :)
Diane said…
Aaaawwwweeee what cute kittens. They have 2 speeds; running around like nuts and dead asleep.
Deborah said…
are our husbands related or is it just testosterone poisoning that makes them want to mow things down??

I love those opportunistic-used-to-be-bird-seed-sunflowers! Don't let Monsanto know about your free flowers - they'll GMO bird seed so this will never happen again!

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