A New Year

I wanted to post today because:
  1. It's the first day of the new year
  2. I wanted to show progress pictures of my on-going projects
  3. I hate to pack

I really should be packing right now. I *am* doing laundry so I'm headed in that direction, but I HATE to pack. And I pack for EVERYBODY. I've been packing for the IO for 20+ years so I can't really expect him to start now, but I did try to get the rugrats to pack for themselves. They ended up with toys and underwear. So now they are responsible to pack what they want to bring for entertainment. I will take care of the clothes.

The wedding gift is almost done. I just need to add two more things and I will be complete. I also started packing what I want to work on while there. I'm bringing Maggie and my scarf. I need to bring something else as well since I expect (hope) to finish the scarf on the drive. I figure I will be driving for a portion of the trip, but not the entire time so I should get some good uninterupted knitting/stitching done (uninterupted being the key word).

Since I hope to make some progress on Maggie and complete the scarf, here are some progress pictures. First up, the scarf.

It's coming along, though not as fast as I'd like. Here's the length

I'm more that half way thru so hopefully that uninterupted time will make a difference.

Now Maggie. Look here for the before picture.
Here she is as of this morning.

More of the books by her head are done. I was going to put her away and pull out something else but I'm really in the mood to work on her so out she stays. There really are lots of blocks of color which makes stitching pretty easy.

This will be my last post until the wknd. We leave tomorrow and drive down to Key Largo to meet up with the family. My sil is getting married on Thursday for what looks to be an interesting wedding. Plans of where we are staying, who will be at the wedding, when people are leaving keep changing so I've just made specific plans for us. I'm actually hoping for some family time (just the 4 of us) on Friday since we will be going down to Key West. I've only been as far down as Marathon so I'm looking forward to taking the cheesy picture at the southern most part of the US. I will be posting a ton of pictures when I get back so BE PREPARED!!

Welcome 2007. Let's hope you are a good one. I know, if nothing else, it will NOT be boring.


Dee said…
Have a safe trip! I hope you gets lots of quiet stitching time.

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