Weekend Update

I took it easy today as well, did some things but mostly cross stitched with breaks of kitchen cleaning and laundry. Here are the progress pictures.....

Here is the felted needle roll.

The pattern said it would be wonky and to cut it square before sewing it, but I'm worried it will unravel. Maybe I'll try a corner to see what happens.

Next up is the sweater for CIC.

It looks like a tank top in this picture but those are actually sleeves. Other than abt 2 inches, the rest of what you see was done yesterday, a BIG amount for me to do in a day!

Finally is Too Pooped.

I planned on putting him away and pulling out Bag Ladies, but I can't find them so this one stayed out. Good thing too because I got quite a bit done. Not sure if I'll rotate it out or keep working on it. Only time will tell......

What a life!


KnitChick said…
Thanks for your post Lynn. I hope you make it up the KnNN before this weekend...with the phone number maybe you can call and see if they'll be open. When we were trying to get more info last week, all we had was the old (disconnected) phone number. Do I know you? Do you attend any knitting meetings in the area? Sounds like you have your hands full with Family, but if you ever want to drop by any meetings and join us, that would be great!
Anonymous said…
That is one relaxed kitty.

Cute picture.
ADHD Mom said…
Lynn, I could sure use a knitting lesson from you! Your DS is gorgeous - such a handsome boy! :)
Anonymous said…
Both the kitty and the kid look like they have a pretty good life :) Cute picture!

Nice projects!
Diane said…
I think I'm doing the same sweater for CIC. I modified mine a bit to knit the bottom in the round (I'm a very lazy knitter and hate to seam). I figure if it doesn't work out I'll just frog it all and start over.
Bridget said…
The picture of your son and the kitty is real keeper!
stitcherw said…
You did get alot done on the knitting front, and on TK, he is looking great. The fabric he is on is similar to what I picked up to do mine on (if I ever get him into my rotation).

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