We're Back!

We are home!! We had a lot of fun and the kids had a blast spending lots of time with their cousins. Oh yeah and the wedding went off w/o a hitch!

I've been putting off blogging because I just didnt know where to start so I'll start from the beginning. We left at noon on Tues and pulled into the hotel where the wedding party was staying around 5pm. It was the Key West Marriot and BEAUTIFUL!!

The front:

The lobby:

And the view from my in laws' room:

The view from the restaurant during the Wedding Day Brunch:

And some pretty flowers that were EVERYWHERE!

This was a pit stop where we picked up some family members and went to the house my sil and her family were renting. Since it was a house, it was the main meeting area for most of us. Also a gorgeous place. A view from the backyard:

The place we stayed in wasn't all that special so no pictures were taken. I should have gotten pictures of the house we stayed in after the wedding on Summerland Key. This was available to any who wanted to stay there but since it was 1.5 hours away from the wedding, I chose to spend the money on a hotel closer. Like I said, not great, but it did have a so-called "private beach" that the IO and I sat on to watch the stars (it was abt 20 feet wide, and it was next to a bar so as long as you didnt mind being oogled by the clientelle, it was private) and it was clean. Perfect for our purposes for this trip.

Oh and apparently my SIL had another guest that kept wandering onto the property. Cute huh?

Another human that is in awe of me

I will wait as you gaze upon my beauty

Are you watching Mr. DeMille?

Now you bore me.

Stay tuned for antics involving an underpass and small children, and more flora and fauna........


Jane said…
Wow! I never saw anything like that when we were in the Keys!!
stitcherw said…
Loved the pictures, and the Iguana (?) was great. So far looks like a good time.

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