Yarn Stashing

This is why I never say I'm going on a yarn diet. It's pointless. Case in point...

My LYS Knit N Needle Nook (no links YET) has new owners. The original owner has been in this shop for 47 years. Her husband died last summer and her health is failing so she finally decided to sell. She's been in business for a long time and never believed in a sale so just imagine what the shop looked like.

No, worse.

Nope, worse than that!

This shop was SO bad (how bad was it), you literally couldn't have more than 2 customers in the shop at a time. The place was PACKED with yarn. Sounds nice, but it was EVERYWHERE and not in any kind of order. You couldnt browse. She would ask you what you were looking for and she would bring it out to you. If you didn't like it, she would bring out something different. Personally I like to browse around first, look and TOUCH all the pretty fibers dreaming of what I want to make. Then I will start pulling yarn off the shelves. But you couldn't do that here. It was too cluttered. Plus she was a smoker and even though (in later years) she would smoke outside, the store had a stale odor to it. So needless to say it wasnt a place I went often.

However this has changed.....Lora and Tim just bought the place and boy have they made it better!! It's still a bit cluttered but they took out 3/4 of the inventory and put it in storage. There just wasnt the room to keep it all out at one time and have people look at it. BUT there was walking room and you got to go into the back room where everything in it was $1/skein. This leads me to the above picture. I bought all that yarn and I only spent $17! Not a bad deal if I do say so myself!! The wool is old, but still usable. Some of the colors were dated, but there were still some colors that are perfect for now. Blues and burgundies, browns and tans. The blue wool I got out of a box that had at least another 15 skeins in it. I was thinking of grabbing more, but I can only knit so fast and I have so much already. If I had more money, I'd buy a ton of yarn and distribute it to the knitters on the newsgroups for CIC, but alas, I'm not the money bags I'd like to be. I *do* see myself going back again, see if I missed anything the 1st time around. They will be open for another couple of weeks, then will move the inventory out of the shop for renovations. They will be running their business out of their home until the renovations are done and they will have a grand opening April 1st.

I'm really excited abt this because they plan on adding a sitting area to knit at, plus new yarns. I had a great time. Check out Dee's blog to see what she got. So not only did I get some great yarn deals, but I got to meet up with a friend that I don't get to see very often. Shopping and lunch definitely breaks up the crazyness of life and makes it more bearable.


Anonymous said…
I do so love me a bargain! You made out great. Nothing wrong with old wool; worse comes to worse you can always felt it :)
stitcherw said…
Great stash, and you did get a good deal. However, yup I'd say you blew your yarn diet. :)

What they've done to the store sounds good. We have two nice yarn stores by me now, and I certainly agree with you that browsing and fondling are necessary parts of yarn shopping, LOL. And no, I still haven't gotten back to my poor lonely little sock (hanging head in embarssment), one of these days.

You've been a busy blogger, I have a bunch of posts to catch up on.
Lori H said…
I agree about yarn stores -- I like to look and browse alot before purchasing. My LYS sounds alot like your old one. Glad you like the new owners and got some great deals:)
Stacy said…
$1 a skein?! I'm jealous. :)

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