The Year of the Knit

Since we were traveling during the new year, I'm a little late in closing out 2006 and getting ready for 2007. I just recently changed my calendars on the wall and updating my 2007 engagement calendar. This is where I keep a list of dates that are important (like anniversaries), and also a list of all on going projects. While I'm transfering all my information to the new calendar, I like to look back at the previous year to see what I've accomplished project wise. Boy has there been lots of knitting!! I finished 17 knitted projects, 5 cross stitch projects and only 1 sewing project. No wonder the sewing machine looked kind of dusty......

I have 6 projects that are on going from 2006, knitwise there's my sweater (started 12/16/05) and #1 Son's vest (started 10/23/06). I have a feeling that sweater has reached UFO status. I pulled it out, worked abt 4 rows and put it back in the closet. I'm just not feeling the love. #1 Son's vest, however, has potential. I have the back complete and both front panels almost done. I have to rip both of them back to the armpit, and then pick up and knit a zillion stitches to get the ribbing around the front. Again I'm not feeling the love, but I'm SOO close. Since these both require thought, I started something a bit mindless. I cast on with the SWS for a felted needleroll. The yarn is very soft, but it's not twisted very much and I tend to unravel it. Not a big deal, I just need to let it go and help it twist back up, but the infatuation is not as strong because of it. I DO love the colors I'm getting out of it and as I get further in the skein, either its twisted more or I'm getting the hang of the yarn. Either way, its not that bad. I haven't done much yet so pictures will be coming later on this week.

The other 4 projects are cross stitch. Unfortunately some of these have been languishing for some time. Queen Ann's Lace was started 6/2000, Bag Ladies 8/01, Maggie 9/01, and Too Pooped 4/06. Too Pooped is out now, but there is a LOT of brown in it. We'll see how long I last.

I've been playing with the side bar and I've added an album of my 2006 projects. Check it out if you like. I'm just happy that I was able to add the link to my Webshots album. And you will probably notice that I joined the Project Spectrum for 2007. I need to get rid of some of the other links on the sidebar, but I like how colorful it looks so they will stay. For now.......


stitcherw said…
Your 2006 album link worked great, it was fun seeing your pictures of all your projects again. I think my favorite is still the cascade socks in white with the green heel and toe, too cute. How did you set the photo link up? So far I've only learned how to do the web address links that you see on my blog.

Saw a write up on a new sock yarn, I think it was called Step. It says it has aloe in it, so the yarn softens your hands while you knit and then is good for your feet. It sounded interesting, ever hear of it?

Looking forward to seeing your progress on Too Pooped.

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