And Now for Something Completely Different

I pulled out this

And did a little of this

It was nice playing with my fabrics for a change. The Insane One took the Rugrats to see all the damage from the tornado(s) that passed thru the area just north of us. While they were gone I pulled out some fabric to make an I Spy quilt. I pulled from my stash and am using up quite a bit of it. Once this is done, I need to keep going on #1 Son's quilt. I have the blue fabrics and will be cutting those up sometime this week (maybe even tomorrow). More details as they develop.....

On the knitting front I am abt 4 inches into side 2. And remember this? I decided to felt it again using hotter water this time. This is what I got.

It started out at 28" long and ended up a little more than 12.5. It felted up really well this time, but there is no way I'll be able to fold it and sew it up into a needleroll. It's too bulky. I'm thinking of cutting it up and making a couple of pot holders, but not sure yet. Or I can line the cat bed with it. Its really soft, but very thick and a bit stiff. This one will be continued as well.....

And here is my Saturday Sky

It was rainy and dreary and just the perfect day to play in fabric. The temps have dropped and I just keep thinking of those poor people w/o homes, or if they are lucky to have a house, they have no power. As I sit here with lights ablazing, heat on (its 51 outside) and on my computer, there are those who are struggling to find warmth and supplies inside a shelter. Send good thoughts to these folks. This is when I wished I had extra handmade quilts and sweaters around.....Donating the staples are important, but these handmade things add an extra bit of warmth when things go so horribly bad.


stitcherw said…
So glad that you are all right, from the news it was awful. I've been grateful to have a snug warm house today as well (blizzard like blowing snow and below 0 wind chill). It has been a good day to stay in and stitch. The felting would also make a nice hot pad to put a hot dish on, pretty, practical, and unique.
stitcherw said…
Not that I want be accused of enabling or anything, lol, but... If you haven't been to Sapphire's blog, check out her great new sock yarn. I LOVE the blue, but the green is great too.


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