Kitty Knitting

I've finished off the last of the cat toys. First there was this one.....I used the left over yarn from this sock. Its the Berroco wool/cotton blend that I doubled.

Next was this one. I used some left over Red Heart Kid yarn.

Then I used another Red Heart Kid yarn to make this one.

I used the cat toy patterns from Knitty for all 3. VERY easy to do. The first one only took me a couple of hours. The other two took me a bit longer but that's because I worked on it during the week.

What's the concensus??

Tiger LOVED them!

MMMMMMM, squishy.......

You look like a toy football. I shall bat you away with my back paws.

Another one?? For me?!?

I shall use the jaws of death on this one!!

So did Samaria.

This comes with me!



Princess, however, was not that impressed......

Well it makes a comfy pillow.....

It will be interesting to see how these hold up. The eggrolls have catnip in them and claws and teeth were used liberally on them. This is why iron acrylic was used. I think I'll use up what I have to make a blanket and a couple of toys for the shelter where we got Tiger and Princess from. They said they go thru them quickly!

Once those were done, I cast on for some socks.

They are my Lorna's Laces shepherd sport in Motherlode. You can tell I did alot! I actually started socks in the yarn from Key West, but it's a bit splitty and I ended up dropping a stitch that ran all the way down. I was using size 1s so not a whole lot was done (BOY are those needles small!) and I just unravelled the whole thing and cast on with the Lorna's Laces.

Yes Princess, the news makes me feel a bit like biting too.....


Diane said…
There's always one cat who is too intelligent to play with the stupid cat toys.
Dee said…
Tiger is ADORABLE!!! Bet she (he?) keeps you busy.

Doesn't it seem like size 1 needles are a whole BUNCH smaller than 2s? My next sock will be on ones, I think. It will be interesting to see how much it slows me down.
stitcherw said…
Cute pictures, as always. The new toys look like they will be very loved. I'm tempted to make some for my cats, I'll bet I could actually get one or two of those finished, even if I never do get back to my poor pitiful sock.
Lynn said…
Love your kitty pictures. Enjoyed reading you blog. Did you get that pattern from I will have to check that out. I have some catnip, so I think I will add a little to one when I get a chance to knit one. Have so many things on the needles right now, so I do not want to start anything new until I finish up at least a couple of my WIPs.

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