Order Me Up Some Boredom!

First up, what a week this has been! I'm normally busy, but with trips to the vet, grocery shopping, work, extra trips to the post office, ballet and a field trip, I'm exhausted!! I have a few friends who tell me that if I didn't work in an office, I'd be bored. What?!? Are they kidding?? The office is the ONLY place I can go to the bathroom w/o being interrupted or have a normal conversation. It's the REST of my life that's a zoo!!

Next, I want to say thanks to all of you and the kind words you have for Samaria. The vet called and she *does* have breast cancer AND heart worms! I knew dogs could get heart worms but cats? Huh. There isnt much I can do for her cancer, she's 16 and most likely it's spread to other parts of her body. The heart worms I can treat. I'm not one to make an animal live in misery just to keep me happy, so once she starts to go down hill, I will do the humane thing. In the meantime, she's actually acting better. Her meow is back (which was the whole reason I took her to the vet in the first place), she's eating more and she's not sleeping constantly (the trip to the vet took a LOT out of her). I probably have abt 6 months left with her so I will make her life pretty sweet while I can. And apparently she knows this.

She knows she's not allowed to sleep in my pile of fabrics, and yet here she is. With me taking pictures of her!!! You gotta wonder, who owns who?

With it being the weekend, I can spend more time in the kitchen. Last night I made these.

Everything is done, all you do is stick it in the oven with the pan it comes in and 20 min later you have some square cookies with chocolate chips, caramel and nuts. I still prefer the pull apart cookies, but these were pretty good. I'd get them again, they are perfect for a quick dessert after dinner w/o a lot left over.

This morning I decided to do something with the ripe bananas. And I had help!

She's actually getting old enough to BE a help! She loves to watch the Food Network and we even tape shows with Rachael or Paula. Doesn't she look proud?

While we were making muffins, #1 Son was outside climbing the fence and talking to our neighbors. It was a nice day

and quite a few of them were outside doing yard work. He kept telling them that it was a good day to be getting their outside chores done.

It was also a nice day to just be a kid.

Knitwise not much is happening. I finished one sock and am abt an inch into the second one. I'll take a picture when they are both finished. I REALLY want to get a lot done this wknd since I want to post a February finish in the SAM3 KAL. If I can get to the heel by tonight, I'll have a good shot.

Right now I have a pot of sauce on the stove and will boil up some pasta for dinner. Meanwhile I need to run to the store to get some tuna. Gotta keep the old kitty happy.


Jane said…
Aww, poor kitty. I know she's going to get a lot of good snuggles.
Dee said…
The kids look like they had a good weekend.

Those cookies look delish!
stitcherw said…
I'm sorry to hear about Samaria, however I'm glad that she is acting better. It is such a hard line to walk with they get older trying to judge were the quality of life is at. Since she looks very happy and comfy sleeping in your fabric and you are getting her special treats to eat, I think at the moment she probably thinks life is pretty good.

Baby girl does look very proud to be able to help. They are so much fun at that age, old enough to help and they still enjoy helping. Your weather looks gorgeous as well. We are under a winter storm warning, but it sounds like it shouldn't be near as bad here as other areas have been hit so far. We'll know more tomorrow.

Good luck on finishing your sock,
Deborah said…
don't forget coffee breaks, you are guaranteed a coffee breat at work!
Diane said…
Your mini Rachel Ray did a great job on the muffins. A true baker if ever I did see one!

I think you're right about what to treat and what to leave alone. You've given Samaria a happy home. Everything from now on is out of your hands.

Cats just seem to know what they can get away with. Mine are not allowed on the table however someone put a box on the table and they all ended up sleeping in the box on the forbidden table. Rule breaking or a grey area?

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