Sunday Sky

Yesterday was such a grey day that I wanted to take a picture of today instead. Well actually it was Baby Girl's idea. She was looking out the window and pointed this out.

Did you see it?

Here's a closer look.....

Isnt that cool?!?! We've been seeing two different ones in the AM quite often the past few days but its the first time I've seen it outside my window from home. Hence the picture!

In knitting news, I decided that I wanted to do something fun and mindless after working on that sweater. I pulled out some old sock yarn and made this.

It's a cute cat toy I got off of I didn't stuff it with catnip so they play with it, but don't go crazy with it. I started another one from Knitty which I should complete tonight. I'll wait to finish it so I can add some catnip and make it more enticing. They are a great way to use up leftover yarn. I stuffed the top one with left over pieces of yarn and I plan on doing the same with the new one I'm making. Then I will start some socks, I'm leaning to make them for me......I already have the Lorna's Laces in Motherlode rolled up and ready to cast on.


Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see the socks. What color is Motherlode?
Deborah said…
Wow, what a great eye candy gift - live and in your window! How did you get that picture??
stitcherw said…
What a fun thing to see. In the summer I get to see a number of hot air balloons when I'm going to work, they look so pretty and colorful. I've heard they are a lot of fun to ride in, but I've never been brave enough to try.

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