Sweat Equity

I go the entire day without coughing. That is until midnight. Then I can't stop. I end up sleeping in the recliner all night. Needless to say I don't get the best of sleep. I finally drag my body out of the couch once #1 Son tells me its time to get up (at 8:15am) and fall into my bed. Thankfully whatever it was that set off my coughing attack is no longer around and I go back to sleep. Finally at noon (yes NOON!) I wake up and drag my body out of bed to the couch. Meanwhile the IO had gotten up, fed the rugrats, the cats and himself then went back to sleep himself. We are SUCH party animals! blech.

Anyway as I'm sitting on the couch I'm watching a show on DIY called Sweat Equity. I'm watching all the things they do to their house that makes it

A: look nicer and

B: worth more.

I dont plan on selling anytime soon but its always nice to know that what I'm doing can make my house worth more in the long run.

Then I start to look at my house. Remember all those renovations we started, oh, back in the summer??? Well I STILL dont have my window coverings and I STILL dont have my baseboards. I turn the TV off.......So many plans and no time to do it.

Meanwhile here is my Saturday sky. I never got on the computer yesterday. When I had time, the kids were in the middle of a game and when they were off doing something else, I was too.

It was gorgeous outside. We had a freeze the night before and while the weather people tell you to protect your plants, I never do. Most everything survived, except these.....

They are some sad looking sunflowers! But the freeze also killed all my weeds so I'm happy abt that. I just need the IO to go out with the weed eater and cut all the dead stuff down. He can even do the sunflowers (which means he won't touch them!!LOL)

Knitting wise, I'm making progress on my sock.

But I also started two other projects, blankets for the humane society. I need to take the kittens back there next week for their shots and I'd like to bring the blankets with me. It's a great way to use up my acrylic stash and since its all knitting, its great mindless work.

I'm using Lionbrand's Thick N Quick yarn for one of them (the free stuff I got from my Lionbrand Chenille fiasco)

and Red Heart Kids for the second.

I cast on and will knit until I run out of yarn. I got the book Knitting for Peace (with a 50% coupon from JoAnns. SCORE!) and its got some basic patterns for blankets and socks and sweaters for charity work, but they are nice enough to give as quick gifts. Perfect.

Where else did you expect me to be, it's the warmest spot in the house!

Did somebody say mouse?!?


stitcherw said…
Coughing so you can't get any sleep is the pits. I hope you all get better soon. It's amazing how many people (and pets) seem to be ill lately.

Your sock is looking good, as are the kitty blanket colors. Never thought about making those. I do have extra yarn I have sitting around, and it would be a change from scarfs but still be the same type of mindless knitting I like to do when tired. I'll call my humane society and find out if they need any.

Kitty pictures were cute as always. Hope you don't get anymore freezes, the poor sunflowers do look pretty pitiful.
Dee said…
I can't believe Tiger is actually in the dryer! LOL
Jane said…
I hope your coughing is long gone by now and that you were able to get a good night's sleep.

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