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A Couple More

Technically its the last day of the Project Spectrum so my Saturday Sky fits right in.

After I posted my pictures yesterday, I realized that I had a few more to add for the month.
How I didn't think abt this guy is amazing to me.

One of my trees is a maple and I realized that the trunk is not brown but grey, with some interesting things attached to it.

And here is one of Baby Girl's temporary tattoo that she got out of Treasure Box.

The IO took the Rugrats out to Daytona Beach today so I have the house to myself. Can you hear that??? Neither can I!! LOL This is what silence sounds like. With the energy level down low, the cats have been hanging out with me while I catch up on some TV from the DVR. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a muffin and watch an episode of CSI. A grown up show in the middle of the day in the family room.....look what I've been missing.

Project Spectrum

Tomorrow is the last day before we switch colors for PROJECT SPECTRUM so I figured I would post my contribution.

The challenge for Feb/Mar was blue/grey/white. As I was picking pictures to post for this challenge, I realized that I didn't put forth much effort. Its hard to get good pictures when you are quickly scanning your photo file for pictures that havent already been posted or are trying to take pictures of items that match the challenge the day you decide to post.

So here is my half baked effort......

Since I didn't knit anything with those colors, I have fabric that meets the color scheme this go around. Here is some jean material that I bought many moons ago for Baby Girl. I planned on making a denim dress for her, but now that she is no longer a 2 y/o, I plan on making her a pair of shorts. She really needs some and I think this fabric is adorable.

This is one of the new toys for the cats. It would have been cute if I had a cat sticking its face thru the hole.


Reading Rainbow

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers are also readers. So am I. However I notice that WHAT we read are usually VERY different. The lists of books that are posted on the sidebars are usually very politically driven, very literary driven or the *classics*.

I got my share of the *classics* in high school. The Old Man and the Sea just about shut the brain down from boredom. And I was never a big fan of Shakespeare. I remember reading Catch 22 and The Catcher In The Rye in the 8th grade and thinking I was SO grown up (after all, how else would I be allowed to read books with the "F" word in it??) I did enjoy The Scarlett Letter (a classic I could actually re-read). Crime and Punishment started out good, but once the crime was committed on page 87 and the rest of the 500 pages was abt his tortured soul, ugh.

I say all of this because a lot of what I read now is fluff. Cheesy romance novels. Light mysteries. Dr Seuss. I read to relax. I KNOW life is hard. I read a…

After All......

It's a Small World. (teehee)

And yes I still hear it in my mind!! Thought I'd share it with the rest of you all!

Yesterday was the last day our Disney tickets were good so we made sure we went. We had a lot of fun, at least MOST of us!

Poor guy, he had to wait for Baby Girl while we waited in line for this,

and this.

He's outgrown these rides, but he knows he still has to wait while she gets to ride them. #1 Son is more into the roller coasters so him and the IO got fast passes for Splash Mountain (fast passes are the ONLY way to go) but something got messed up with the tickets so they couldnt get on when they thought they could. Baby Girl and I just rode Big Thunder Mountain so we all decided to ride that one again (this time *I* was in charge of the fast passes) and #1 Son LOVED it!! He's never ridden it before and he thought it was good! I'm not a big roller coaster fan, but I can deal with Big Thunder.

We also met the characters....


And of course, Minn…

Happy Spring!!!

It's officially the first day of Spring and according to this map from, a lot of the US agrees! Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year so I'm really loving the weather.

Now that we have the official spring weather report out of the way, its time to get caught up on some fun stuff. Like TOGA parties!!! No we didn't have to WEAR togas, but we got to USE them!!


So was I until I went. An on-line friend of mine, Hale', is a collector and user of treadles and other people powered sewing machines. There is a huge group of them and every year they have TOGA parties. This year's TOGA was near Cocoa Beach and it was the PERFECT opportunity to meet Hale' in person!

Here we are with the Intercoastal and Saturday sky in the background.

It was SO good to meet her in person, and I had alot of fun at the party. We had a meet and greet where people got to show off their quilts.

All the quilts were amazing but what was even more amazing w…

The Misadventures at Happy Acres

OMG! I haven't blogged in over a week!! That only means one thing. Life has gone mad. It's a MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD without the buried treasure. It's been interesting, to say the least, so grab your favorite beverage (remember its 5 o'clock somewhere) and sit back. Sit back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.........

(yes I watch WAY too much tv)

Take your time machines and set them for March 8th. It is a Thursday and I'm running to the store to get supplies for the field trip with Baby Girl to the zoo. As I turn into my neighborhood, my van decides that its not going to go above 25mph. This is NOT good. I have a field trip the next day and a 2 hour trip on Saturday to meet up with the in laws. NOT a good time to lose a vehicle. Friday is a whirlwind of dropping kids off to school, spouses off to work and making the field trip ON TIME. I gave the teacher a heart attack but all went well. This of course you already know since I've

The Life of a Cat

See Caesar.

Caesar is old and retired.

Sleep Caesar sleep.

See Baby Girl.

Baby Girl does NOT know what Old and Retired is.

See a very patient cat.

Rugrats & Knitting & Kitties OH MY!

Did you all remember to change back your clocks?? We didn't. Today #1 Son asked me if we were going to our religious meeting today and I said yes, but its still early. It's only 8:10. Well when I looked again it was actually 9:10 and the services start at 9:30. Needless to say we didnt make it. I REALLY hate when they change the time, it throws me off for a few days, but when we LOSE an hour, its so much worse!! I hate losing anything, but time is a major commodity around here...

BUT since we didnt go this AM, we've just been hanging around the house, doing a little knitting and a little organizing and a little tv watching. I've finished some socks and I started another project.

First, the socks.

They are a pair for CIC. I used some of the $1 wool yarn I got at my LYS and the trim, heel and toe are made from LionBrand's Landscapes in Spring Desert. I felted a purse with it and I decided to use the rest of it up in these socks. I had just enough to finish …

The Best Laid Plans

First up, Saturday sky. This is the view when I face my house.

And this is the view when I face the road.

Yep, that's my van being towed away. The transmission died Thursday night (EXACTLY 1 year and 1 month from when we bought it!) when I was coming home from the store. Friday left us with one car which we dealt with ok, but we had to cancel the trip to Lake Wales to see the in laws because the tires on the other van are practically bald. Baby Girl was NOT happy. She packed 3 days ago in anticipation of that trip.

So. We need to get the transmission fixed. The other van needs tires. The compressor on the house A/C broke. Oh and I still dont have baseboards OR blinds on my windows. Apparently I've been put on a yarn diet regardless if I wanted to be on one or not! The ONLY good thing abt all of this is that the transmission will be covered under the extended warrantee that we got when we bought the van. I NEVER get these extended warrantees because I think they are…