After All......

It's a Small World. (teehee)

And yes I still hear it in my mind!! Thought I'd share it with the rest of you all!

Yesterday was the last day our Disney tickets were good so we made sure we went. We had a lot of fun, at least MOST of us!

Poor guy, he had to wait for Baby Girl while we waited in line for this,

and this.

He's outgrown these rides, but he knows he still has to wait while she gets to ride them. #1 Son is more into the roller coasters so him and the IO got fast passes for Splash Mountain (fast passes are the ONLY way to go) but something got messed up with the tickets so they couldnt get on when they thought they could. Baby Girl and I just rode Big Thunder Mountain so we all decided to ride that one again (this time *I* was in charge of the fast passes) and #1 Son LOVED it!! He's never ridden it before and he thought it was good! I'm not a big roller coaster fan, but I can deal with Big Thunder.

We also met the characters....


And of course, Minnie

I'm impressed we lasted the entire day, we usually don't, but we stayed for the fireworks. This really is my favorite part of the whole day. It just brings me right back to when I was a kid watching the fireworks with my mom, now I'm doing it with my own kids. We are such Disney people, we go alot, which is why we get special resident seasonal passes. However there is one thing I DON'T like abt Disney.




OMG!! There are SO many people there!! And in reality, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I've asked travel agents, Disney hotel people, Disney reservationists, etc when is the downtime, when is it slower? They all give me the same answer, there IS NO slow time. So if I have to deal with a lot of people, I will deal with them when the weather is pleasant, not HOT! Yesterday the weather was PERFECT!! Warm in the sun, cool in the shade. April gets hot and May-Sept is just torturous! We wont get back there until late Oct the earliest!

As we were heading out that AM, there was a buzzing noise up in the sky. We saw this and I knew it would be perfect for my Saturday Sky.

We live near the local airport so it is not unusual to see cool things like this, even though I still havent figured out where they launch the air balloons......

And just in case you thought this was no longer a knitting blog (my last knitting entry was 3/11!) here are some updates. First of all, I'm still plugging away on the charity blanket

It's not the prettiest thing, but it will cushion and warm some kitty or doggy. I'm going to keep adding in my acrylics until I've used them up. What's sick is that JoAnn's is having a sale on their Red Heart acrylics for $1.88 each and I have to keep reminding myself that part of the reason I'm knitting this is to use up the acrylics I have, NOT to buy more!!! But now that I know I'm helping out some abandoned animals, I have a renewed interest in these yarns and its hard to turn down a sale. I just need to stay outof the store and I'll be fine.

I'm also working on these socks

and they are taking me FOREVER!! Granted I'm working on the afghan more than the sock, but ugh! it feels like I'm using such tiny needles. I'm not, they are size 2s, it just seems like its taking longer. And this is ONLY the 1st sock!! Hopefully during Spring Break I'll be able to finish up the 2nd one as well. Meanwhile I'll keep going on the afghan, I LOVE the fact that I'm using up so much yarn!!!


stitcherw said…
Glad you had a good time, and yes, small world really does get stuck in your head. With that said, thanks so much for sharing, now it is running through mine, LOL.

Pretty colors on the sock, and the blanket will make a lovely, comfy blanket for one of the animals. Just think, if you take advantage of the yarn sale, the next one would even be color coordinated. :)
Not that I'm trying to enable you or anything, LOL.
Anonymous said…
I'll go on any ride at Disney except It's A Small World! I think it's kind of creepy in there. LOL

Love your last little photo -- perfect way to end the post.
Susie said…
When we went on Small World, David came out and told us "NOw I know there are TWO kinds of scary..." Tee hee!!
Vivian said…
I rather like your blankie. Are you keeping a control of the colors or just doing the "grab a random ball" method? I've done a few random-ball-miter-square blankets and they are a lot of fun to make, and a great way to use up left over odd balls.
Diane said…
Is this the misery loves company posting .... now I'll be humming It's a small world all friggin afternoon.

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