The Best Laid Plans

First up, Saturday sky. This is the view when I face my house.

And this is the view when I face the road.

Yep, that's my van being towed away. The transmission died Thursday night (EXACTLY 1 year and 1 month from when we bought it!) when I was coming home from the store. Friday left us with one car which we dealt with ok, but we had to cancel the trip to Lake Wales to see the in laws because the tires on the other van are practically bald. Baby Girl was NOT happy. She packed 3 days ago in anticipation of that trip.

So. We need to get the transmission fixed. The other van needs tires. The compressor on the house A/C broke. Oh and I still dont have baseboards OR blinds on my windows. Apparently I've been put on a yarn diet regardless if I wanted to be on one or not! The ONLY good thing abt all of this is that the transmission will be covered under the extended warrantee that we got when we bought the van. I NEVER get these extended warrantees because I think they are a waste of money, but this one had roadside assistance included. So for one flat price I'd have the entire car covered PLUS have roadside assistance for the next 5 years. It was cheaper than paying for AAA for the same amount of time so I was sold. Now I'm REALLY happy we got it. Transmissions are NOT cheap!

Tomorrow will be an updating day on field trips, knitting and kitties. I have reports on all three.........


Jane said…
Oh, that's a bummer about your car and the trip. Hope they get it fixed fast.
stitcherw said…
What rotten luck, however, I'm glad you had the warrenty on the car. Generally I don't do the warrenty things either, but on cars (since repairs can run so much) I go with the extended option, it has really come in handy on occation.
Diane said…
What a sad sight. At least it's gonna be covered but what a bummer to be without a second vehicle.

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