Bird Weather

We were having some really nice weather last week, but another front went thru and we went from almost 80 yesterday to 50s and rain. Its COLD today!! But its ok because I get to wear my new socks one more day!! I tend to do this with new socks, wear them until they walk themselves to the laundry.

Even though its rainy and cold, it hasnt stopped the birds.

We had a TON of birds out there today, but the pics either came out blurry or they flew away before I could get the shot. Like my title says, bird weather!

Meanwhile, here are some more pictures from the quilt show. I have no knitting to share, I will take pictures of the CIC sock once they are done. I'm using up more scrap yarn for the heels and toes but even though the yarn says its worsted weight, its more heavy worsted and the heel seems a bit big. I will have #1 Son try it one once it's done to make sure it looks ok. Anyway here are more pictures from the show.

This one was really cute, the clothing on the line is in 3-D

Baby Girl liked this one too.

This one was cool, painting with fabric to get the right coloring.

The workmanship on this quilt was amazing, all the rectangles were perfectly sewn together and matched up perfectly. However when you look at the overall quilt, its a bit of a test pattern.

Baby Girl thought this one looked like angry masks. She didnt really like it.

Thank you for tuning in +to this virtual quilt show. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. One day I will be posting a finished quilt that *I* did. One day.....


Diane said…
Thanks for taking me along to the quilt show! My sister in law is a wonderful quilter. She's made me a couple things since I can't usually remember how to thread my machine. lol. Knitting needles .... so much easier to operate.
Anonymous said…
Meghan is right. It does look like angry masks.
Stacy said…
Thanks for the virtual quilt show. I'm with Meghan on the Hawaiian-style quilt. Angry masks, indeed!
stitcherw said…
Lovely quilts, I enjoy going to the ones we have in our area to see all the beautiful designs as well. I don't really sew, but I have done two quilts in the past and was quite happy on how they turned out.
Allison said…
Oooh, thank you for posting all the wonderful pictures!
Vivian said…
I never imagined you can do so much with quilts. very inspiring.

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