Fiber Therapy

I was going to begin this entry with a request for a 12 step program, but I still hold fast to the fact that I spend less on fiber (be it yarn, floss or fabric) than I would on therapy. That being said, I had a GREAT day today!

I did my normal routine of getting up and getting the kids ready for school, but I didnt have to include myself so that makes my mornings SO much easier! We were even EARLY!! Got an email from the teacher and she DID need a volunteer for this AM so I got to school at 10AM. This gave me time to make some breakfast, read some blogs and drink my coffee. I LOVE mornings like this!!

Off to #1 Son's school. Apparently it was Dr Seuss day and we got to read stories to the kids while they snacked on food. Each station had a book that related to the snack. I had One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and they snacked on Goldfish. There was Green Eggs & Ham (yes that is self explanatory but no green dye was involved, just ham and eggs were eaten). Two more stations were included but I don't remember them. We were running out of time and things got a bit harried.

Once I was done there, I picked up Baby Girl and after we had a fun lunch at Burger King (we were both Princesses wearing our crowns), we went to the Quilt Show. I have to say Baby Girl did really well for most of it. We were there 2 hours and she only got tired the last half hour. She also entertained the older women there by her expressions on the quilts; "Mommy, isnt this quilt fantastic?" "Mommy the fabrics in this quilt are SO beautiful!" More than one woman asked her if she wanted to make quilts when she got older and of course she said yes! I told them I was passing on the obsession so that I would have somebody to take my stash once I was no longer here.

WARNING! This post is heavily laden with quilt pictures. If this is of no interest to you, scroll down to the bottom for knitting content.

Ok first up is one of my favorite quilts there. Not necessarily because of the overall quilt

but because of the quilting in it. Do you all remember Spirograph?? The circles in this quilt are quilted in different spirograph designs. I LOVED spirograph and that's why I really liked this quilt.

If you like tote bags, this is a cool quilt.

Baby Girl liked this one

And I liked this one. All it needed was some yarn peeking out....

When I first saw this quilt, I really liked the colors in it so I took a picture of it.

Once I got closer, I realized it was a Stack and Whack with a very interesting fabric choice!

CHICKENS!! I never would have thought that fabric could make such a nice quilt, but I was really impressed with it.

This was one of Baby Girl's favorite quilts.

The quilt was based on a Cinderella coloring book, designs were traced on, colored and then quilted. Really pretty.

She wanted me to BUY this one!! LOL

We both liked this one, me for the batiks in it, Baby Girl for Sponge Bob (he lives in a pineapple under the sea for those not well versed on the Sponge)

This was neat how they used different fabrics for the fancy ladies. I thought I got the entire quilt but apparently didn't. The blocks were different fancy ladies.

This is one that was cross stitched and then bound.

This quilt was given 2 ribbons, one for First Place in Large Quilts and one for Best of Show.

Here's a closer look

And an all time favorite, the quilted car cover.

I have more pics of quilts to post, but I'll add them tomorrow with my Saturday Sky.

Now for those of you who scrolled down to see some knitting content, you missed some great quilts!! However here is a picture of the stash I bought at the show....

WAIT!! Did you see that right??? Let's have a closer look.....

Yes, that is YARN!! Bought at a QUILT show!! Apparently a quilt shop in Ormond Beach sells yarn along with fabric (be still my heart!) and they brought some to the show.

To sell.

At 50% off. 50% off?!?! Ok so I look thru and pull out some Sockotta normally $9.50 and I get it for $4.75!! WOOHOO. I ended up going back a second time to get a few more fat quarters (they were the cheapest ones in the show) AND I got some Fantasy Naturale for only $2.50/skein. So I got me some sock yarn and some Baby Girl Tank Top yarn at a really good price!! Plus fabric for that on going I Spy quilt that's in the works.....

Once we left there it was time to get #1 Son. On the way home we got our Slurpees and snack (its our Friday after school tradition) and I've been playing on the computer ever since. Definitely a much needed day after the past couple of weeks. I'll catch up on housework tomorrow. Tonight I play with stash and knit!


Anonymous said…
The quilts are beautiful. Where was the show?

I can't believe that beautiful quilt has chicken fabric. You really have to look closely.

Good score on the yarn. LOL
Anonymous said…
Amazing! I love those quilts!!! Something I once wanted to learn, but I've given up now. Just too old now, and still not enough time to knit all I want to knit either. So I will always be a wannabe quilter. Oh well, we can't have it all, right?

Good buy on the yarns too. How great to find Sockotta at 50% off???

stitcherw said…
The quilts are gorgeous, it is amazing how many different patterns people come up with.

The Dr. Suess day sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. My DD had something similiar when she was younger, which is way more years ago than I really want to think about, lol.
Scarlett said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

I always got stories to tell.

And I love that quilted car cover!

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