Happy Spring!!!

It's officially the first day of Spring and according to this map from Weather.com, a lot of the US agrees! Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year so I'm really loving the weather.

Now that we have the official spring weather report out of the way, its time to get caught up on some fun stuff. Like TOGA parties!!! No we didn't have to WEAR togas, but we got to USE them!!


So was I until I went. An on-line friend of mine, Hale', is a collector and user of treadles and other people powered sewing machines. There is a huge group of them and every year they have TOGA parties. This year's TOGA was near Cocoa Beach and it was the PERFECT opportunity to meet Hale' in person!

Here we are with the Intercoastal and Saturday sky in the background.

It was SO good to meet her in person, and I had alot of fun at the party. We had a meet and greet where people got to show off their quilts.

All the quilts were amazing but what was even more amazing was that they were all done on people powered machines.

Our hosts were Dick and Eleanor Beck, and the collection of hand crank machines and treadles were amazing!! They each have their own space, here is some of her collection in her studio.

Seriously it was better than some museums I've been in!! And this is just 2 sections of her studio, there was SO much more!

I got to sew some charity blocks on a hand crank, it was pretty neat and nowhere near as scary or difficult like I thought. This is the machine, isnt it beautiful??

They definitely don't make sewing machines as ornate as they used to be.

As far as my current projects, they are sitting in my camera just waiting for the USB cable to be plugged back into my computer. I'm still plugging away on my sock and my charity afghan. It's really sad how I've come to rely on the IO to keep the computer going. Whenever he makes changes (which is often!), I have to sit and figure out what I need to do. He tells me that's why I keep him around. I tell him that's not true. I need him for the TV/VCR/DVD/Satelite as well!!

And he's kinda cute!


Anonymous said…
He is kinda cute. Love the family picture. Was that taken down in Key West when you went to the wedding?
stitcherw said…
The quilt get together looks like a lot of fun, the quilts were gorgeous. I remember an old foot tredle machine my grandmother had. You're right, they did look nice and worked well too.

Unfortunately, Michigan appears to be one of the areas where we haven't decided to join the rest of the nation in spring yet, we had freezing drizzle this morning, yuck! Nice family photo, you all look relaxed and happy, and warm.
Jane said…
Wow, what an interesting event. And I love your family photo - it's great to see your smiling face. (And he is cute!)
Susie said…
Gorgeous you, gorgeous family, and fabuloso sewing machines! Sorry your past week has been so awful, but maybe things will even out a bit now. We can hope!!!
Deborah said…
what a beautiful picture of you and your family!

Oh, and by the way, notice the ugly number up on your weather map it says 34 in Jersey. Ain't no spring here!
Anonymous said…
How nice you got to meet a fellow quilter from Cyberspace. The gathering looks like it was a great time for everyone, and the quilts are gorgeous.

My Mother had a Singer treddle machine when I was young. She used to make all of our clothing on it. Later, in my teens, she took it to a shop where they converted it into a portable electric sewing machine. I have it now, and it still runs great. It must be something of an antique by now, I should think.

Loved the photo of you and your family. And yes, he is rather cute. And those babies are totally beautiful.

Have a good day. :)

ps: I just found daffodils springing through the ground. So Spring is right on time!

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