Mission Organization

My house is a mess. A wreck. Post tornado decor. I just havent had the time to keep it up like I want. I'm not a neatnik by ANY means, but when it starts making me nuts, I KNOW its time to do something. I think because spring is starting to come to FL that I'm getting that itch to do a spring cleaning. I'm trying to start in one area and work my way around. Unfortunately in order to do that, I need to make a pathway into some of the rooms. I've been working in the office and have it in good shape. The office is a treacherous area, SO many projects just waiting to be started, and I can easily get distracted. Oh THERE's that book I was looking for! I forgot I had this cook book, let's see what I can make for dinner. I really need to put those pictures in a scrap book, maybe I'll just organize them. But I was good. I got all the books off the floor, papers either filed away or thrown out. Sold some stuff on eBay. All that's left from this project is shredding some old paperwork. And the pile of fabric.

That pile of fabric is a job in itself!! I organized it a couple of years ago,(this is GOOD compared to how it looked in the beginning!)

along with the closet

I reorganized the closet when I overhauled my yarns so that's in good shape, but the fabrics. Between moving it to another area in the room, working on a couple of quilts and of course adding to the pile, it's gotten out of control. I just really need to organize the top of the pile since the bottom still is in good shape. But its still a job. Especially when you have *helpers*. "I want pants out of this fabric!" "Oh this is beautiful! I want a dress out of this!" (meanwhile its only a fat quarter). "Can you add this to my quilt?" Right now they are engrossed in a movie so I'm hoping I can get more done while they are distracted.

I also started cleaning out the pantry in the kitchen. I am going nuts trying to find tops and bottoms to my Rubbermaid bowls. I have plenty of tops and bottoms, but nothing seems to match. Four of the 5 shelves are done. That last shelf holds all my plastic storage stuff. Again, a job in itself.

One day it will all be done. Meanwhile all the kitties are now spayed and recovering nicely. And I need to get ready for the field trip to the zoo tomorrow with Baby Girl and abt 30 other 5 y/os. Saturday we visit Grandma and PopPop in Lake Wales before they head back north. And Sunday I rest. And do laundry. And get ready for another week. Wednesday is a student holiday and I'm *thinking* of surprising the rugrats with a trip to see Mickey. Our tickets expire soon and it could be alot of fun. (notice the word COULD) What can I say? I'm a sucker for punishment.

One final note, what is up with the price of gas?!? It's slowly getting higher and higher, but today was a big jump! When I dropped Baby Girl off at school, gas was $2.47, when I picked up #1 Son it was up to $2.53!! HUH?!?! Six cents in a matter of hours. And this is only March. I shudder to think what the summer will be like....


stitcherw said…
30 something 5 year olds at a zoo, you are going to be one busy (and tired) lady at the end of that trip.

Good luck with the organizing. Any time I try I get so sidetracked by all the neat stuff I am discovering again that it takes forever to get anything done, and sometimes after several hours I find I really haven't made any headway after all, had a wonderful time but no headway, LOL.

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