Project Spectrum

Tomorrow is the last day before we switch colors for PROJECT SPECTRUM so I figured I would post my contribution.

The challenge for Feb/Mar was blue/grey/white. As I was picking pictures to post for this challenge, I realized that I didn't put forth much effort. Its hard to get good pictures when you are quickly scanning your photo file for pictures that havent already been posted or are trying to take pictures of items that match the challenge the day you decide to post.

So here is my half baked effort......

Since I didn't knit anything with those colors, I have fabric that meets the color scheme this go around. Here is some jean material that I bought many moons ago for Baby Girl. I planned on making a denim dress for her, but now that she is no longer a 2 y/o, I plan on making her a pair of shorts. She really needs some and I think this fabric is adorable.

This is one of the new toys for the cats. It would have been cute if I had a cat sticking its face thru the hole.

Today's sky. I took one earlier, but have no idea what happened to it. It was very grey this AM, but now its more of a white with blue peeking thru. Whatever, it still fits the criteria.

Baby Girl in a tree wearing a blue ballet leotard.

Like I said, half baked effort. I actually had a pile of laundry that was all blues that I took a picture of, but then I realized that I was REALLY reaching with that one..... April/May's colors are green/yellow/pink. We have lots of green around here and with Baby Girl, LOTS of pink. Hopefully by the end of May I will have more interesting things to post.

I do have some updates of projects. Here is the ever growing kitty blanket.

I wished I would have planned it out better, I'm not totally crazy abt it, but again, it will keep some kitty (or doggy) off a cement floor which is its main purpose. Once I finish the red, I'll add another purple. I'll probably finish the purple before the pink and then I'll add some orange to have it blend with the beginning of the blanket. I have a huge skein of orange yarn that I will use to finish off this blanket, but I think I will save most of it for another one. I'll add some white and make it look like a creamcicle. I think that would look really cute and bright. This blanket is 34" wide and abt 21" high. The next one won't be as big. I love the way this is using up alot of my stash. I have a couple of quilts that are WIP that I just dont like anymore. I think I'll finish them off and add them to the pile for the shelter. They had a VERY worn quilt on the floor for a dog, and I thought of the quilt I have that would be perfect for them. By the time I'm done with all these plans, it should be close to Fall again and it will be a great time to give them blankets. If I was more organized I'd run a KAL with a cool sidebar button for any who would want to contribute to this cause and have a contest with prizes, but I just dont see that happening. However if you have squares you want to get rid of, consider your local shelter or just pass them on to me. I'll make sure they get sent to a good home that can truly use them.

The other thing that I started and am working on is this.

I took down my snowman the first day of spring but I have nothing to replace him with so I decided to work on something springy. This was it. I think he will look really cute when done. Now if I can just get him done before summer sets in.......


stitcherw said…
The material will make adorable shorts, and your kitty blanket is looking good. Some kitty is going to be thrilled to get that to snuggle on.

Fun new project, very springy. Wanting spring colors is one of the reasons I pulled out Dogs of Duckport to get started on again.

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